Jeanne d'Arc
Rank: #4
Release Date: 08.21.2007

Jeanne d'Arc

One day not too long ago in the board room of game developer Level-5, someone pitched an idea to create a tactical RPG with a story based on Joan of Arc during the Hundred Years' War. This war then became the setting for a PlayStation Portable game called Jeanne d'Arc. Normally, when you hear an idea like this you just want to wince, but Level-5 has pulled through and created our fourth most anticipated RPG. This tactical epic will feature a blend of fantasy and reality to deliver what looks to be a solid tactical RPG experience.

The game adds to the traditional challenge of the genre by implementing such features as turn-limited battles, skill stones that are used to customize characters, environmental Burning Auras that can enhance player attacks, and the Unified Guard system that gives bonus points to defense when characters are next to each other. RPGamer President Mikel "Firemyst" Tidwell proclaims, "Jeanne d'Arc brings a mix of beauty and difficulty in one of the most compelling tactical RPGs to cross the Pacific in some time. Don't expect the English to display any chivalry toward our heroine. They will fight with all their might." Varied battle maps that have winning conditions other than the basic "defeat all enemies" directive are sure to add to the challenge as well and help to create one interesting tactical RPG.

Jeanne d'Arc is epic and unique, blending history and fantasy to fill the tactical void in all the PSP-owning RPGamers out there. Josh "Ourobolus" Martz shares his enthusiasm, "'s a portable tactical RPG for the PSP, and it's not a remake of a game I've already beaten before." Those PSP owners will not have to wait long for Jeanne to take some time away from liberating France to come visit their handheld as this title is due out before the end of August.

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