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Positions eleven to fifteen really help show the great mix we have amongst the staff here at RPGamer. Classic cRPG-inspired games, modern action RPGs, JRPGs, and RPGs simply about the fun of it all get pride of place here. Perhaps the only thing not here is some turn-based strategy, but don't worry, that gets some love later.

Torment: Tides of Numenera

Torment: Tides of Numenera (PC) - Official Site
Pub: inXile Entertainment | Dev: inXile Entertainment | Release: Q4.2016 (NA/EU)

RPGs have been having a bit of a renaissance these past few years and in no place has this been more apparent than the triumphant return of the PC RPG. Torment is shaping up to be the most interesting of the many revivals, as it is based on Monte Cook's Cypher system, specifically the world of Numenera, literally the planet Earth one billion years in the future. The unique setting, a paradise of speculative science fiction, is by far the most interesting aspect, but the promise of echoing the Planescape: Torment should keep those looking for a more cerebral and contemplative RPG interested as well. - Zack Webster

Project Setsuna

Project Setsuna (PS4/Vita) - Official Site
Pub: Square Enix | Dev: Tokyo RPG Factory | Release: 2016 (NA/EU)

Too often of late major Japanese developers have tried to craft games that have a global appeal instead of just doing what they do best and make a truly Japanese experience. With Setsuna, Square Enix's Tokyo RPG Factory is looking to recreate the classic RPG experience instead of trying to cast the widest net. I welcome this, as I would love to see a modern take on the old school style of RPGs that I fell in love with. Battles take place in the environment like Chrono Trigger and there's an ATB system for combat, so they really are hitting all the nostalgic notes. Here's hoping that the team really nails what made these games special back in the day and brings it back into modern times. After all, despite its faults, Bravely Default did this well, so the ability is still there. - Michael A. Cunningham

Mass Effect: Andromeda

Mass Effect: Andromeda (PC/PS4/One) - Official Site
Pub: EA | Dev: BioWare | Release: Q4.2016 (NA/EU)

Ending arguments notwithstanding, the Mass Effect trilogy was one of the prime things to come out of the last console generation. Mass Effect: Andromeda marks a new generation both in platform and cast, an understandable decision considering the ending of the trilogy and a good way to introduce a potential new batch of players to the series. It also grants past fans more excitement as we should get to see plenty of entirely new races and locations with the game moving to a whole other galaxy (albeit the closest one). Mass Effect's gameplay has come on strongly with every past entry, and it'll be interesting to see how BioWare has improved on this front too. - Alex Fuller

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam

Mario & Luigi: Paper Jam (3DS) - Official Site
Pub: Nintendo | Dev: Nintendo | Release: 01.22.2016 (NA), 12.04.2015 (EU)

Despite all it did right, Mario & Luigi: Dream Team didn't achieve stupendous status with me, and Paper Mario: Sticker Star didn't manage that either. Combining the best aspects of both of these might just work wonders though, and Paper Jam could very well pull it off. Supposing it trims down the verbosity of Dream Team, and keeps the usual fun battle mechanics, then meshes that with the interesting two-dimensional nature of Paper Mario. That sounds rather intriguing and rather fun. There are so many other Mario ideas from over the years that it could appropriate that I can't begin to do them justice here, but just a few good ones would be all it needs to become superb. - Mike Moehnke

Bravely Second: End Layer

Bravely Second: End Layer (3DS) - Official Site
Pub: Nintendo | Dev: Silicon Studio | Release: Q2.2016 (NA), 02.26.2016 (EU)

I absolutely adore Bravely Default. It barely beats out Fire Emblem: Awakening for my most favorite 3DS game, so I have high hopes for the sequel. Bravely Second brings back many characters from Bravely Default, but just as intriguing is the person who seems to missing: Ringabel. The battle system has been tweaked and many new jobs have been added. The only thing I'm not excited about is Revo not returning as composer for the game. Regardless, I'm jealous of Europe having a more definite launch date for Bravely Second and hope to hear more about its North American release soon. - Cassandra Ramos

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