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The Little Acre Pewter Games Studios

The Little Acre - PC/X1

Fans of classic point and click adventure games have much to look forward to this year in The Little Acre, set to be released on PC and Xbox One by Pewter Games. Set in 1950's Ireland, this vibrant, hand drawn adventure follows the paths of a father and daughter, Aiden and Lily, after Aiden goes looking for his own lost father and becomes trapped in an alternate fantasy world. Split between an idyllic Irish countryside home and a fantasy world fraught with danger, players must guide Aiden and Lily through various puzzles to help them find each other and learn the truth of Aiden's missing father.

While the playable demo only took about 15 minutes to complete, it was highly enjoyable and reminiscent of games such as Torin's Passage and King's Quest. The environments were highly detailed and the difference between the countryside home and fantasy world were distinct with dramatic tone and character model changes. The puzzles were fairly straightforward, but still required some thinking to figure out how to correctly use items, navigate switch-toggled paths, and, in one case, save Lily from a swamp monster before time runs out. Greatly adding to the adventure is the full voice acting. Every action that causes characters to speak is voiced, ranging from the expected story segments to the mundane "I don't want to go there" lines. Fans of the genre should definitely keep their eyes open for this one, as The Little Acre is sure to please.

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