PAX South 2016
Livelock Tuque Games

Livelock - PC/Consoles

Sequestered in a room on the lower level of the Henry B. Gonzales Convention Center, Perfect World privately showed off their most recently announced title, Livelock by Tuque Games. Set to release later this year on PC, Playstation 4, and Xbox One, Livelock will be the first pay-to-own title published by Perfect World. Set in a post-apocalyptic Earth where rogue AI machines have taken over most of the world, Livelock puts players in control of one of three mechanical soldiers into which a digitized human consciousness has been loaded. While little regarding the overall story has been released, the basic goal of Livelock is to quell the various machine races and presumably learn more about the fate of humanity. Additionally, while three characters are currently planned, only the highly mobile, rogue-ish Hex has been showcased so far.

Combat in Livelock plays very much like a sci-fi version of Gauntlet. Players must guide their chosen hero through top-down, beautifully designed environments to combat everything from insect-like to humanoid robots. Each hero has a primary, secondary, and heavy weapon at their disposal, though the latter two overheat after a short period of use. Additionally, each class has their own unique special and ultimate abilities. In the demo, Hex was able to teleport short distances and call down an area-of-effect orbital strike to help maneuver through and decimate enemies. Players will primarily experience Livelock through a series of missions set in various environments, though challenge modes and an endless hoard mode are in the works. While the characters themselves don't level up, players will be able to improve weapons and use various cosmetics found during missions to customize their heroes. Though Livelock looks like it will be fun as a solo player experience, it really stands out in its three player online multiplayer mode which will have a huge strategic and entertainment impact on combat.

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