PAX South 2016
Like a Boss Fire Horse Studio

Like a Boss - Mobile

In Like a Boss, Fire Horse Games gives players the chance to become the boss of a dungeon and fend off hoards of would-be heroes on mobile devices. Though only a short demo was playable at PAX South, it has since released on the Canadian iOS App Store as a free title with in-app purchases. The demo included a few quick ability tutorials followed by an endless hoard of invading heroes. The little dialogue present hints at the sardonic humor expected of a raid boss and fit well with his incredulity at being defeated by the tutorial hero hoard. While the demo stopped at the boss's defeat, Like a Boss looks like it will pick up with the boss choosing to regain his powers rather than wait on a respawn timer. Along with its unusual concept, Like a Boss also showed much promise with its easy to use touch controls, something that a lot of action-oriented mobile games struggle with. With numerous bosses to play as, various traps and abilities to utilize, and tons of equipment to power up and customize your raid boss, Like a Boss looks to be a fun mobile title for would be hero crunchers.

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