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Enter the Gungeon Dodge Roll Games

Enter the Gungeon - PC/PS4

Devolver Digital has become well known over the past few years for publishing the games of smaller developers that are both odd and oddly satisfying. This in entirely true of Dodge Roll's upcoming rogue-like Enter the Gungeon. In Enter the Gungeon, players take control of various characters hoping to find a legendary gun that will allow them to kill the past, presumably to undo some past crime or tragedy that befell them. To do so, players must traverse procedurally generated dungeon floors populated by bullet-shaped monsters. Each level has a boss that must be defeated and contains a wide variety of increasingly ridiculous weapons to fight with ranging from traditional handguns, to high powered water pistols, to rainbow-spewing unicorn horns. Where similar games like The Binding of Isaac require players to carefully maneuver out of harm's way, Enter the Gungeon puts much more emphasis on utilizing cover and dodge-rolling to safety. With multiple endings and tons of weapons to collect, Enter the Gungeon is a must try for any rogue-like fan.

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