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Dungeon Quest! Shinybox Interactive

Dungeon Quest! - Mobile

Joining the multitude of dungeon themed titles is Dungeon Quest!, by Shinybox Interactive. Currently available on mobile devices, Dungeon Quest! puts players in control of a dungeon exploring hero. Exploration is top-down and feels very similar to other hoard hack and slash games like Diablo and Gauntlet. Each hero has his own unique skill set and playstyle that can be controlled with either the effective virtual joystick or a compatible mobile controller. Players are able to level up their hero by defeating hoards of monsters for experience and collecting the various items that they drop to replace and equip weaker equipment.

Shinybox calls Dungeon Quest! a truly free mobile game, and they aren't far from the mark. The base game, which can be downloaded for free, allows for players to create one hero from a selection of three classes. Should players find themselves wanting to try out the other base characters without deleting another one, additional hero slots are available for a nominal fee. Premium hero classes are also available for reasonable prices and do a good deal to extend the overall appeal of the game. There aren't many mobile games currently available that fill the Diablo-like niche and fewer still that are as generous with their free-to-play model. Fans of hoard destroying looters would not go wrong giving Dungeon Quest! a try.

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