Generation Four: Diamond/Pearl/Platinum


Isn't Glaceon pretty? I used one in my all Eevee evolution run of White 2 and I was really surprised by how much I liked the straight up Ice Pokémon. Glaceon was one of my most reliable attackers and regularly preformed better than I expected. Dare I say that my Glaceon was very cool? — Robert Sinclair


Stella the Honchkrow is the oldest Pokémon on my modern teams, having managed to make the trip through way too many transfers all the way from Pokémon Diamond. I don't use her a ton, but I just love Honchkrow's design. It's a crow... with a fedora! — Becky Cunningham


When I was about ten years old, around the time of Gen 1's original release, I used to doodle Pokémon that I would make up. You know, with the hope that Nintendo might hire me someday to design something better than a set of keys or a bag of garbage. My favorite doodle — one that I drew over and over again — was a Pokémon I called "Ivyon." You know, like poison ivy. I thought it was ridiculous that Eevee didn't have a Grass evolution, and kept mentally petitioning for something to exist. Ivyon had a giant leaf for a tail, a grass-like body, and a plume of leafy vines around its neck. And while that evolution of Eevee will never be official, Leafeon is a good replacement. The design is arguably better too. — Trent Seely


Lucario is another pocket monster that debuted in a movie before the games it appears in came out. While the eighth movie was a thinly veiled means of promoting the then-next generation of games, the film's Lucario turned out to be a surpassingly strong character. Lucario is a determined, focused, serious, righteous, and self-sacrificing Pokémon, who left quite an impression on me. The species' design is also undeniably cool, looking like the Egyptian god Anubis as a martial artist. Several prominent Lucario appear in the anime series other than the movie one. Lucario also plays a significant role in Pokémon X and Y, being the first to Mega Evolve in the games and has appeared in numerious spin-offs. Outside of the main games, Lucario has been a playable fighter in the past two Smash Bros games and will be a fighter in the upcoming Pokken Tournament fighting game. While Lucario is somewhat pushed as a fan favorite by the Pokémon Company and acts as the unofficial mascot of the fourth generation, I still can't help but love the jackal. The movie Lucario's personality and character growth extends to even the in-game ones, and its design is just awesome. It helps that it has been a powerful battler since its introduction in Diamond and Pearl. It has excellent Physical and Special Attack stats, great Speed and decent defenses, helped by its many type resistances. It can be difficult to predict if a Lucario is special or physical attacker, and having a mixed battler is viable. Mega Lucario only makes this jackal even more of a beast. I own several nicknamed Lucario, about as many as I have Charizard. — Cassandra Ramos


Adorable Electric type Pokémon usually aren't very playable, but Rotom is the exception. This tiny Ghost/Electric Pokémon has terrific stats, and has the unique ability to possess a number of household appliances, changing its appearance, stats, and typing. It can become an Electric/Water Pokémon by possessing a washing machine, electric/grass by possessing a lawnmower, Electric/Flying by possessing a household fan, Electric/Fire by possessing a microwave, and Electric/Ice by possessing a refrigerator. — Adriaan den Ouden

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