Getting Around: Favourite RPGs Transports

By Alex Fuller

As many people in the modern world will note, it's nearly impossible to do anything without being able to get around. More often than not the distance and urgency requires something other than the standard human method of using two feet. Such is also true for many of the protagonists in RPGs. When evil forces are rushing around doing their bidding, the heroes need a way to keep up with them. These transport optinos come in all sort of shapes, sizes, and forms, and we've chosen to highlight some of our favourites here.

We've divided our favourite methods into three groups: those where loyal companions of all shapes and sizes offer the heroes the use of their biological superiority, the ultra-convenient personal vehicles oft-used to get from one city to another, and those big air- and starships for when our heroic force needs to cover those long-distances in a direct route as possible. Please enjoy the feature, and let us know your favourite ways of getting around in RPGs on the forums. Many thanks to Adriaan den Ouden, Becky Cunningham, Cassandra Ramos, Michael Baker, Nathan Schlothan, Sarah McGarr, Scott Wachter, Trent Seely, and Zach Welhouse for their contributions to this feature.

Creature Comfort
The original transport methodology; why create something when it's already there an able to maintain itself.

Personal Vehicles
The convenience of having your own personal transport can never be overestimated.

Cruising the Skies and Stars
When you need to travel vast distances, there's nothing like captaining your own ship.

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