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Nathan Schlothan's Pick: Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky FC: I picked up the collector's edition for this one pretty much as soon as it was released, since I've heard a lot of good thing about it and have been curious about the series long before it was ever localized. However, for various reasons I can't even remember, I only played it an hour or two and essentially forgot about it. The uncertainty over whether its sequel would be localized also made me hesitate on picking it back up, but that's been cleared up, so I have a lot to look forward to. I'l need to get back to it when I get a chance, particularly since I really enjoyed the little bit I did play.

Paul Engemann's Pick: Skies of Arcadia Legends: I found a used copy at a reasonable price a few years ago, and still haven't gotten around to it after about two years of it sitting on the shelf, even though I've hear universal praise about the game. I'll play it early next year. I want to finish Tales of Symphonia first, since I acquired it first.

Trent Seely's Pick: The Last of Us: While I do indulge in RPGs on the regular, I've also been a devoted fan of the survival horror genre. Well, what's left of it that is. Today, I'd argue that there are very few video games which could comfortably be labeled "survival horror." Former mainstays to the genre such as Resident Evil, Siren, and Silent Hill have lost sight of what once made them great, and much hyped newcomers such as Dead Space and F.E.A.R. tended to place a premium on action over atmosphere. As a person who genuinely enjoys being unnerved and startled, it's been a trying time. Then The Last of Us came out. The game was hailed as a return to survival horror, and review scores were universally high. In fact, some called it "the Citizen Kane of gaming." I bought it day-one and it has been in its packaging ever since. I think I haven't touched it because, as of now, it is unspoiled. I suppose part of me feels like I'll play it, hate it, and lose all faith in the genre. It's kind of sad.

Becky Cunningham's Pick(s): RPGs usually get top priority in my backlog, so most of my unfinished games are platformers and action adventure titles. There is one major exception to that rule: Dragon's Dogma. I'd really like to start on the game, but since it arrived in the spring I've had a steady stream of higher-priority games to play. A big part of the problem is that Dragon's Dogma is on the PlayStation 3, and I've been spending most of my gaming time on my PC and 3DS lately. I definitely want to get around to it, though, as soon as I'm done with Tales of Xillia, Rune Factory 4, and Pokemon X. You know, maybe sometime in 2015.

Michael Cunningham's Pick: Dark Souls: I loved Demon's Souls and really started getting into Dark Souls, but just got stuck and stopped. I know I could beat it if I went back and tried, so I just need to get down and do it.

Cassandra Ramos' Pick: Little King's Story: I bought this game at launch and heard many good things about it. It's a relatively little-known title as well and I've always had a soft spot for the underrated and underplayed. It has also been compared to Pikmin many times, a series I adore. I imagine once I actually start the game, I'll love it as well. Why haven't I gotten to the game in four years? I try to play games in the order I receive, but I also tend to make many exceptions and jump to games I'm really looking forward to. As such, Little King's Story has been sitting on my shelf unplayed for years. It is nearly next on my list with only one other game preceding it. Perhaps I can get to it in 2014.

Mike Moehnke's Pick: Namco X Capcom: I seem to be on a tactical binge lately, and Shining Wind proved my means of getting the PS2 to play Japanese titles is still working just fine. Seeing the sort-of forbear to Project X Zone in action ought to be fun, even if it wears out its welcome long before the end. The novelty of playing with such obscurities as Wonder Momo ought to be worth it.

Michael Baker's Pick(s): I actually had my own backlog project in mind for 2014. On my wide shelf of bargain-bin PSX titles, one major publisher stands out: Gust. I have a large percentage of Gust's total non-PSP/Vita library, and altogether they're almost enough to fill an entire year. Including the three titles that I finished with a bad ending, the one I played to death but never reviewed, and the inevitable third Dusk game, then the total comes to twelve. The titles in question are: Atelier Marie, Atelier Elie, One of the GBC Atelier pairs (I have both)... or Mana Khemia 2 when I finally give it up in disgust. Then Atelier Marie, Elie, & Anis, Atelier Lilie, The Adventures of Robin Lloyd, Atelier Dusk #3 (which still lacks a name), Atelier Judie, Taishou Mononoke Ibunroku, Falcata, Meru Purana, and then finally, Atelier Violet. I figure, if I have the means to fill in almost all the spaces in our Gust coverage, then why not?

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