Creatures of all manner of shapes and sizes can join the 108 Stars in the Suikoden games, including unicorns, griffons, giant snakes, dragons, and flying squirrels, but one of its more memorable characters is still just a humble dog. Early in Suikoden II, one of the very first allies the heroes recruit is a plain and unremarkable hunter named Kinnison, who is accompanied by a large, white wolf-dog named Shiro. They don't have many lines or much of a story, but these two quickly become a pair of invaluable allies in the chaotic early battles of the game.

Despite being an ordinary wolf-dog, Shiro is a very powerful fighter when he is first recruited, and while he suffers in the long run because he doesn't use weapons or armor, his high stats and ability to use some decently good magic still lets him be a useful ally even late in the game. What's more, he has two useful Unite attacks, both of which can be performed early in the game. One, the Loyal Dog Attack, is a potent expression of teamwork between a hunter and his hunting dog, while the other, the Bow Wow Attack, is a hilarious combination between Shiro and a Kobold (humanoid dog person) ally that involves a bone on the end of a fishing rod. With his power and the versatility provided by these two attacks, Shiro is one of the best allies to have for quite a long stretch in the game, proving that a loyal dog can sometimes be a better friend than wizards or knights. — Nathan Schlothan


Of all the perspectives presented in Suikoden III, none was more unique than that of the adorable pooch, Koroku. Found on Mt. Hei-Tou, Koroku was lost, lonely and afraid. Once recruited he helps stand watch with Cecile to protect Budehuc Castle... sort of. You see, Koroku is a very curious pup, and as such goes on many humorous adventures. You see, Koroku likes to pee in people's shoes...especially when he feels like he's being neglected.

According to Kidd's investigation, we learn that Koroku likes bones, marking his territory, and apparently keeps stones in his little pouch (for what reason, Kidd failed to find out). Interestingly, the hero will also receive letters from Koroku in the suggestion box demanding walks and attention, or stating his strong desire to pee on Nash. But how can this pooch talk? Is it possible that someone within the castle can speak dog? Silly, cheeky, and playful, Koroku makes an excellent companion for those seeking a pet on the more mischievous side. — Sam Marchello

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