About as big as a horse and with green and white fur, Noishe from Tales of Symphonia puzzles some people despite Lloyd's insistence that he is a dog. While these people are right to question it, Noishe is as loyal as any canine. This large beast has been with Lloyd since he was a baby and has accompanied him across two worlds, being a loyal mount for at least the journey's first half.How Noishe can carry three to eight people on his back is anyone's guess, but he provided a fast means of travel before the party obtained the flying machines known as Rheairds. True, the doglike creature is something of a coward when running away from the many monsters smaller than him, but he's dependable in his own way.

Despite his size and odd coloring, Noishe looks and acts like a dog. If he isn't one, then what is he? Late in the game, it is revealed that Noishe is an Arshis, the fourth form of one of the oldest creatures on Aselia. This being starts off as a single-celled organism called a Protozoan and and evolves throughout its very long lifespan in the style of a Pokémon-style. Poor Noishe seems to be the last of these creatures as well.

While he's pretty much the mascot of Tales of Symphonia, Noishe's appearance in its spin-off sequel Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, is much briefer. Lloyd has gone off by himself and is seemingly doing villainous things, leaving the Arshis behind. The doglike creature does relay a humorous story to Centurion Tenebrae, who sadly never tells the whole tale to either Emil or Marta. What it was that Noishe saw floating down the river still remains a mystery... — Cassandra Ramos


Repede is arguably the coolest canine in the history of RPGs. Not only does he have a badass scar and a tail shaped like a lightning bolt, he holds a pipe and fights with a dagger in his mouth. As Yuri Lowell's loyal companion, Repede can always be depended upon to support his master. He's a bit of a prickly pooch who doesn't take well to strangers, but he's a true friend to those who have proven themselves. Repede is a fully playable party member, complete with dog-themed combat moves. He's also the only party member with thievery, useful for stealing those rare items and weapons from foes.

The main reason Repede is a great character is because Vesperia's designers did a good job walking the line between his canine nature and his human-like intelligence. On one hand, Repede usually has a good idea of what's going on in the plot and expresses his opinion via barks, growls, and whines. He shows that he's truly loyal to Yuri by not blindly following him, but doing what's ultimately best for his master. For instance, when Yuri attempts to go "lone wolf" into danger without his companions, Repede sneaks off and fetches the rest of the party while the wayfarer sleeps. On the other hand, Repede is shown to have some very doglike concerns. His main sidequest involves marking all the territory in the world before his main rival can mark over it.

As a brave fighter, loyal companion, and seriously cool pooch, Repede takes the cake. — Becky Cunningham

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