By Sam Marchello

   As a 3DS owner, I've been fairly disappointed with the lack of localized RPGs. With the system having been out well over a year now, it's taken a solid while to build its library, and outside of the first-party titles many of us only hear whispers of third-party games that have beaten the title of shovel-ware. I can count a small number that have released in the West. With so many RPGs hitting Japanese shelves, one can only hope that we see more for the system here in North America soon. Here are my top five selections that I hope to see localized, with some obviously having way better odds than the others. Do not take this list as being representative of the RPGamer staff, as they are purely my own.

Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest 3: Taikaizoku to Shippo Dan

Slime MoriMori Dragon Quest 3: Daikaizoku to Shippo Dan - Official Site
Pub: Square Enix | Dev: Square Enix | Release: 10.27.2011

   Unlike most RPGamers, I do not have a lot of experience with the Dragon Quest series. The first game I ever completed was the spin off title Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime and I adored it. I loved it so much in fact, that I begged Michael Baker to find me a copy of the original GBA title, Slime Mori Mori, which I am still slowly working my way through due to my lack of knowledge in the Japanese language. What I loved about Rocket Slime is the fact that you get to roleplay as a slime attempting to save everyone in his village, and the localization for the game was brilliant on all accounts. The game is whimsical and charming, fun to pick up and play, and the tank battles added that extra layer of aweome that made this game great. As we wind closer to the end of the year, we still have no word of an American release. Considering the success Nintendo has had with the series over the last year or so, it makes you question if they believe in the joys of pirate ships and slimebuckling. For shame, Nintendo. For shame.

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers

Devil Summoner: Soul Hackers - Official Site
Pub: Atlus | Dev: Atlus | Release: 08.30.2012

   Back when I was a wee lass in 1997, I didn't have a computer. It wasn't until a year later that my family finally got one and I discovered the joys of the internet. Having finally gotten a computer I found a website called RPGamer, and lo and behold it was a place I could go to learn about all the newest and coolest RPGs. When Soul Hackers came out in Japan, news had spread that Atlus was considering it for localization, but was denied by Sony. At that time, my PlayStation was my BFF and I remember reading anything and everything I could find on this game. Soul Hackers had a plot that felt like it was ripped out of a William Gibson novel, something I was still wrapping my young brain around back in 1998. Flash-forward to 2012 when Atlus announced a 3DS remake was being released, and our very own Michael Baker stated that it was in fact the cyberpunk RPG that fans have been salivating over for many years. This game needs to be localized, and I do feel that it has a much stronger chance now than it did back in 1997. Dear Atlus USA: make this happen, and while you're at it, work your neuromancy on it, please and thank you.

Project X Zone

Project X Zone - Official Site
Pub: Namco Bandai | Dev: Namco Bandai | Release: 10.11.2012

   Of all the games on this list, the one that has the least likely chance of being localized is Project X Zone. Crossover titles always have weary fates, as no matter how insane or amazing the idea is, they seldom get picked up for localization. Why is X Zone on this list? Because I know I'm not alone in wanting to play a TRPG featuring Street Fighter fan-favourites, and more importantly for me, the game features characters from the Sakura Taisen series. Ever wanted to see Chun Li and Gemini Sunrise kick some villainous butt? Well, now you have the chance to make that a reality. After reading Michael Baker's TGS impression, I found myself stomping my feet in frustration because this is the type of crack I enjoy in my RPGs: the kind where the lack of sense is part of its charm. Capcom, Bamco, Sega, give North America a chance on this one, will ya?

Rune Factory 4

Rune Factory 4 - Official Site
Pub: Marvelous | Dev: Neverland | Release: 07.19.12

   Although many of you have your own 'localization dream lists,' I'm sure the majority of you do not have Rune Factory 4 on it. You should though, because Neverland has consistently shown that they've been taking notes with each installment of this farming/RPG hybrid. While my relationship with this series is rocky, I adore its world and cast of characters, and that is usually what keeps me coming back and playing each one. Rune Factory 4 looks as though it's taken the gameplay refinements of its immediate predecessor and kicked up the insanity a notch by allowing the player to not only select their gender, but permitting them to also become a prince or princess. Who the heck doesn't want to become a prince or princess of a fantasy land? Considering the amount of improvements this series has had and the fact that we've seen every installment make its way to North America, Rune Factory 4's chances are pretty solid. Plus, you get to be princess! I wanna be a princess!

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy

Bravely Default: Flying Fairy - Official Site
Pub: Square Enix | Dev: Square Enix | Release: 10.11.2012

   I'll admit it. I hate the name Bravely Default: Flying Fairy. I've asked every Japanese speaking person I know, and they all raise their eyebrows at the name because it doesn't make a whole lot of sense. Square Enix hasn't exactly been clear on its meaning. Still, for those of us who adored Final Fantasy: The Four Heroes of Light (or "Final Fantasy: Hat Collection") it seems as though Bravely Default isn't doing much to jazz up the turn-based formula. So why do most of us want this game? Because it means more job-based combat, pretty cutscenes, and old school JRPG charisma. Who also doesn't love a very traditional game with multiple endings? While I love the idea of flying fairies, I'm not sure what name Square Enix will be defaulting to if the game is localized.

Honorable Mentions

   While the top five are my main desires, I do have some honorable mentions. These titles still have a decent chance of making their way to North America, but their fates are still equally unclear. Let's continue to hope that publishers see the potential on this system, and continue to strive to see some awesome RPGs make their way for localization.
 Beyond the Labyrinth Shin Megami Tensei 4 King of Pirates Fantasy Life Dragon Quest Monsters Terry's Wonderland 3D

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