Sarah "noodle" McGarr's Recommendations
1Kirby Super Star Ultra
2Kirby Squeak Squad
3Bleach: The 3rd Phantom
4Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
5Mario Kart DS

Most know that I am a Kirby fangirl, so it's only fitting that I would include Kirby DS titles in my list of favorites. RPGs make an appearance on my list too, so don't fret. The games listed are the ones that are both the most fun and challenging, in my opinion.

#1 · Kirby Super Star Ultra

This is a remake of the best Kirby game ever made - Kirby Super Star on Super Nintendo - and it did not disappoint. Different than other Kirby games, the original boasted 8 games in one. The DS version includes all 8 original games while adding several new ones which are mostly touchscreen based. This version also adds 3D full motion video cutscenes and improves the visuals from the original. You have to beat each game in order to unlock other games and mini games. Meta Knightmare Ultra is one of the new games based off of 5 of the original games - Spring Breeze, Dyna Blade, The Great Cave Offensive, Revenge of Meta Knight, and Milky Way Wishes. You play Meta Knight here and it is one of the more difficult games. The sub-game that gets me all nostalgic is Samurai Kirby, it's like it was ported directly from the SNES. I can never seem to beat Meta Knight, though.

#2 · Kirby Squeak Squad

This is my second favorite Kirby game on the DS. They took the one good thing that came out of Kirby 64 and brought it over here - combining certain abilities - but only fire, sword, ice, spark and bomb. As you may have guessed, the plot is that Kirby's cake was stolen, and he must get it back! It sounds plain, (trust me it gets a lot more involved) but it is one of the cutest plots in Kirby games. Kirby must collect all the treasure chests in each level to unlock secret worlds, pieces to the jigsaw puzzle and change Kirby's color. Kirby can store abilities and items in his tummy for later use in this game. Storing items gives way to collecting parts of a larger object that grants you a special gift. For example, collecting 3 mini Kirbys gives you an extra life, however, he can only store a certain amount of items at a time. The other part that I really enjoy is the interactive enviornments, like cutting down grass with your shiny sword or using your ice ability to freeze a lake so you can walk across it.

#3 · Bleach: The 3rd Phantom

As a huge Bleach fan it would be weird if I didn't include this in my list, much like not including any Kirby games. In this game, you play a girl (or guy) who becomes a Soul Reaper. Along the way, you learn how to fight and release your Zanpakuto. Along with role playing yourself, you also control the other Soul Reapers, eventually having to take down the evil Arrancar. Even though the beginning storyline is eerily similar to Renji and Rukia's past in the anime, this game is like a prequel to the beginning of the series, as we get to see Rangiku Matsumoto and Gin Ichimaru as kids and Aizen before he was Captain. Not to mention the obligatory "Captain Ukitake isn't feeling well" missions that allow you to advance your character more. Then you can make fun of Toshiro Hitsugaya being little and watch him yell at you. I could see this being a little boring for someone that isn't a Bleach fan, however, the game does a decent job explaining what things are if you're new to the franchise. Overall, this game is addicting, like being able to watch an arc at your own pace and is difficult to put down.

#4 · Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

I still haven't finished this game, but I still count it as a favorite. I really have enjoyed this game and creating my team of sprites. Then there's Vaan, who is cute, but not hot, cause he's like 12 and that is creepy. This game is really entertaining if not just for the dialogue. Usually I'll just skip through boring dialogue cutscenes, but I really like how the characters interact. I like a challenge, and this game is difficult for me as sad as that might sound, even frustrating at times because I'm not used to playing real-time strategies. but I think that's part of why I like it better then the other games I have, all the action being real-time as opposed to turn based. Plus, it's so pretty!

#5 · Mario Kart DS

Mindless fun to pass away the hours without even realizing it. This will always be my go-to game when my brain doesn't feel like trying to figure out any RPGs, and one to just sit back and relax and hold down A while hitting an arrow key once in awhile. This version has all new tracks including twists on some old favorites, like Rainbow Road and Mario Circuit. If you were curious what the tracks looked like backwards, then there's the 150cc Mirror Cup which is pretty amusing. Insted of just racing against the computer or another player, there's also missions, where you have to do certain things like collect all the coins on the track. For the shiny lovers then Shine Runners is a nice battle mini-game where you collect more shinies then others and the ones with the least amount of shinies get booted over time. This would be an appropriate place to scream, "Ooooh! Shiny!"

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