Paul Engemann's Recommendations
1Chrono Trigger
2Etrian Odyssey III
3Radiant Historia

These are some of my top DS games. They may not be the best sellers, but they're standout games that will complement any DS RPG fan library. The games I've chosen are some of my favorite games on the system with a treasure trove of solid RPGs.

#1 · Chrono Trigger

Many younger fans probably missed this gem when it was originally released on the Super Nintendo back in 1995, but this is one of the best RPGs ever. It features a great story, fun characters, spectacular music and multiple endings for lots of replay value. Chrono Trigger is a must-have for anyone with a Nintendo DS, RPG fan or not.

#2 · Etrian Odyssey III

I'm not typically a big fan of dungeon crawlers, but there is something intriguing about this series. The game itself is simple enough, make a band of adventuers and go into the dungeon. What makes this game unique is that you make your own map as you travel. Each of the character classes are unique enough that there's plenty of flexibility for party makeup and experimentation. The third game of the series also features ship travel for some adventuring on the high seas. This is a solid dungeon crawler that has enough unique features to keep me interested. Even though no one feature is stellar, the whole package fits.

#3 · Radiant Historia

This is almost a spiritual successor to Chrono Trigger, but it feels more grown up. It still features time travel, multiple time lines and deep characters. The battle system is turn-based, but the enemies are on a grid so it feels fresh. It arrived late in the DS's life, but the graphics are crisp and character models and portraits are well done. The sound isn't bad, though I tend to play my DS games with the sound off, I do check them out from time to time to see what I may be missing. The story is the biggest stand-out for Radiant Historia. The political intrigue and other story matters keep this game on the top of the play list.

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