Knights in the Nightmare
Rank: #5
Release Date: 06.02.2009
Developer: Sting
Publisher: Atlus


Knights in the Nightmare

"Trying to fully explain how to play Knights in the Nightmare would take more room than I should reasonably use here." That line from our official review is completely accurate. Knights in the Nightmare is unlike anything else, so the best description of it as a bullet-hell tactical RPG does it little justice. Developed by Sting as the third games in the Dept. Heaven series, it follows behind Riviera: The Promised Land and Yggdra Union: We'll Never Fight Alone. While there are indirect ties to these prior games, it stands on its own. While it combines elements from multiple genres, the complete package is what really sold us on this game and why it ranks as one of our favorites.

If we had to pick one reason we love Knights in the Nightmare it would be for its originality. It even won RPGamer's Most Original RPG of 2009 award. This title might be polarizing, but those who were able to get over the game's extreme learning curve and truly grasp its intricacies found a top notch RPG. While it requires quick reflexes and an open mind, it is hard to ignore the imagination that exudes from Knights in the Nightmare. The story is also to be commended as well, for the story is told between battles and often highlights the past of a character met in battle where he dies. It's a nice twist on the standard heroic, save the world tale many RPGs feature. All of these creative twists are why Knights in the Nightmare is one of our favorite DS RPGs of all time.

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