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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (Xbox)

There are many RPGamers who believe that the PC style RPG and the console style RPG can never be truly blended, even with the PC-esque setup of Microsoft's big black box. Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic just might make some of them bite their tongues.

Star Wars: KotOR (as it is called in "short") is being developed by BioWare, the legendary house that built such PC giants as Baldur's Gate and the recent hit NeverWinter Nights. As such, many console fans counted on a typical Infinity Engine game. (Infinity Engine is the long-standing game engine that was used in the Baldur's Gate and IceWind Dale games, among others.)

As KotOR was the first game I played at this year's E3 event, I can assure you that the Xbox version is nothing like an Infinity Engine game, and the PC and console elements that are both included blend quite well. For more, click on RPGamer's E3 impression.

Let's just hope this one doesn't get delayed until next year; it is currently slated for around Christmas 2002.

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