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Gothic II

The original Gothic was received with very warm reviews, enough so that its German developer, Piranha Bits, decided, of all things, to make a sequel. Gothic II will start where the original finished, but will include enough details that anyone can pick it up and jump right in.

Gothic II is an vast expansive and open-ended RPG that begins at the climax of your war against orcs, and, as fate would have it, many of the king's old supporters have long since gone, and it's up to you, and a handful of people you meet on your quest to stop them. Unique features of Gothic II will stand out here, as the news system will slowly spread news of actions to characters you've never met, or even character development, where you must go to teachers to learn the skills of a monk, dragon slayer or any one of dozens of possible choices.

Allowing characters a great variety of freedom, but also creating consequences (good and bad) for actions, along with a dynamic, yet mainly linear storyline, Gothic II should become a welcome breath of fresh air for non-MMORPGamers on the PC when it is released in October.

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