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.hack vol. 1 (PlayStation 2)

Well, this might come as a surprise to most readers, but to the staff of RPGamer, especially the ones who attended this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, Bandai's MMORPG-simulated single player RPG world, also known as .hack, was destined to be in at least the top three, and with a difference of one point, came out as RPGamer's most anticipated title for the second half of 2002.

.hack is a single player RPG that involves a young boy's quest to unravel the mystery surrounding a popular online game known as The World. While playing The World, Kite's friend Orca sustains an injury that leads to a coma in real life. Kite then journeys to find a cure for his friend.

The game's story, which will consist of four volumes, is already selling quite well in Japan, and even has an anime that is equally popular. If Bandai works their magic right, and they know how, they can milk the .hack franchise they're building for years to come, and RPGamers everywhere will reap the benefits likewise. .hack, vol. 1, is currently scheduled for release this October.

.hack the World!

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