Fan Fiction - December 28th, 2003
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Welcome to the 'Murphy's Law' update, or the 'Oh my gosh what else could happen!?' update!

After clearing out the checklist and realizing we only had 4 acceptable fics for an update, I decided to wait so we could actually have enough to update with. Of course, once we got the fifth fic I came down with the Mother of all Flus (which I affectionately named Charlie for giggles), and spent a half week in bed. Then my Grandmother gets the same flu and is in the hospital. She's fine now but it got hairy for a while. Now as I update our email server is down and I have no way to get any incoming fics. So what am I doing? Updating before something ELSE happens.

So yeah, I hope everyone had a great Christmas. I know that I did for the most part…once Murphy stopped hitting me.

And actually as I write this, the email server is supposedly back up, but the site is down. The madness never ends!

Notes from Fanfic Land

  • Wallwalker's fanfic "A Question of Loyalties" has been taken down from the archives at the author's request.

Writing Tip of the Week

Niki says: When in doubt, proofread. And then get a friend to proofread, and then another friend to proofread. It never hurts to be thorough.

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New Fan Fiction - December 28th, 2003
Okay folks. I'm going on vacation and so is the rest of my family, so they all want the computer. So no story descriptions this update, though I will fill them in when I return. Sorry!
Bullets Cry of Red Tears
By: Ersatz Sobriquez
(Final Fantasy 7)
By: Lanfir Leah
(Final Fantasy 8)
By: Stephen
(Final Fantasy 10)
Casting Shadows
By: Wallwalker
By: Karlinn
(.Hack Series)