Fan Fiction - 23rd December, 2001
Updater on Duty: Niki Dinner
In Niki's PSX: Nothing! I've got too many other systems to play games on!
In Niki's Sega Genesis/CD: Lunar: The Silver Star, Vay, and Popful Mail. Mm. Working Designs oldies but goodies...can't play just one...
In Niki's Dreamcast: Grandia II. As Millenia says, it's "Deep-fried goodness!"
In Niki's GBA: Golden Sun. Mm. Delicious.
In Niki's Head: .oO( I have too many console systems. ) Ed note: Too many? But you don't have them all yet!

Happy Holidays to all of you guys! This past week has been not only interesting, but enlightening as well. The past fanfiction update prompted several readers to submit thoughtful inquiries and questions, which we have been taking very seriously. While I've only been a part of the staff for roughly a month now, I've really enjoyed all the work that comes through those uh...pearly email client gates, and being exposed to different writing styles. Each author has his or her own flair, or spark, which makes each author unique and special. It's opened up a long closed gate of creativity that three years of essay writing sucked out of me. For that, I thank each and every one of you!

Mushiness aside, it's the Holidays! I'm one of those weird people who love the holidays. I know some people have this general dislike of the holiday season. They think it's bad. It's commercial. Aunt Bertha always comes around this time of the year, and she smells funny and does that annoying 'wipe the dirt of your face with her spit' finger trick that leaves you feeling all violated. It's snowing outside and it's oh so very cold. And what's the deal with Santa? He's just some weird old man who sneaks into your house at night by chimney like some burglar. Why can't he use the front door like normal people? It makes no sense! And what about his reindeer? What's up with that? Any living thing that can fly like THAT is obviously a mutant or on drugs.'s cooking sucks. Aaagh! The Christmas Season! Who needs it?

Well, I dunno about you, but I need it. There's nothing like slaving over schoolwork for three months, coming home, and finally getting that quiet time you desperately need. To say to myself, "Bah! School! I rid myself of thee for a month!" and lock myself up in my room to sleep or play games. Cuz hey, at this point I usually forget what sleep and video games are like. Then there's food. It doesn't even have to be Christmas food. ANY food is better than what's served up at school. And of course, there's family, who despite the fact they can be annoying at times are usually so cheery about the Christmas season that it rubs off on you like powdered sugar. And if my family isn't feeling cheery for some reason, at least there's good stuff on TV.

...Oh, and I guess getting presents is a highlight too. Materialist dork that I am.

So if you're still not convinced that the Holiday Season is a good time of the year, we here at the Fanfiction section still love you. Run away from your Aunt Bertha for a few moments, curl up in a chair with a hot cup of cocoa (Or egg nog, or Mountain Dew...whatever), and enjoy these fics! We promise they're no lumps of coal!

TSG: And from TSG and all the staff, a Merry Christmas!

Notes From Fanfic Land

Thanks to all those authors who wrote in response to last week's updates: there's been some good ideas that we'll be incorporating soon. The redesign continues apace, but it's really hard to work with a girlfriend over from MI. ;_;

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Enjoy writing. If it's a chore, then you're not going to be at your best, whereas if you enjoy writing you'll have more ideas, and generally write better.

Niki "I've had WAY too much Egg Nog" Dinner

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New Fan Fiction - December 23th, 2001
Niki reached inside the RPGamer Fanfiction stocking with faith! Inside she found...some really good fanfics! She put a Christmas bow on each of them and smiled! This is the way!
By: D.N. Austin
(Final Fantasy 6) The Christmas love begins with a fic about Terra and her encounter with a very special orphan. It delves into Terra's future, feelings, and the consequences of her actions in the past. Excellent stuff.
How Ironic
By: Ersatz Sobriquet
(Final Fantasy 8) They say there is no love like a woman scorned, and this fic proves that fact beyond all else. A thoughtful, eerie look into one woman's twisted feelings over Squall Lionheart, and the misery that ensues.
To Honor Odin
By: Ashbear
(Final Fantasy 8) A touching tale focusing on Squall's relationship with Rinoa, and the fatherly advice he receives from none other than a Guardian Force. Squall isn't the only one to discover something about himself, however...
Blindness and (Sight)
By: Ani. K
(Final Fantasy 7) The holiday fun continues with a well-done fic that probes into the mind of our favorite silver-haired villain. What's found is not only frightening, but fascinating. A fresh look on how Sepiroth's mind works.
By: Lynn Utsukushii
(Saga Frontier) Finally, our holiday update concludes with a look into Blue's mind during the duel with his brother. In his final moments, he ponders his life and what it took to get him this far...and his feelings over his brother. Well written, and worth a look.