Fan Fiction - 16th December, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's Head: Lots and lots of coursework.
In TSG's PS2: Dynasty Tactics. Wow.

On the sixteenth day of December, my inbox brought to me:

Twelve email worms,

Eleven heroines jumping,

Ten final fantasies,

Nine pointy metal things,

Eight crossover fics,

Seven dragon quests,

Six email changes,

Five spa~am ma~ails...

Four breaths of fire,

Three slash fics,

Two trolling lamers...

Alan "And a fanfiction editor collapsed on his cou~uch..." Knight

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New Fan Fiction - December 16th, 2002
On a more serious note, yes, I realise it's been so long since last update. My university hit me hard with courseworks and exams this semester, knocking me out. The descriptions are a little scrappy because I now (literally, now) have to travel halfway down the country to pick someone up from Gatwick Airport. Yay!
Between the Sea and the Stars
By: Trevor J. Dowling
(Chrono Cross) Glenn's ruminations on the events in his life that led him to where he stands at the end of the game, with a focus on his relationships with Dario and Riddel in particular. Very nicely done.
A Caller, A Ninja, and a Bottle of Peach Schnapps
By: Katie Miller
(Final Fantasy 4) I'm a sucker for Edge + Rydia fics. When I saw this, I jumped for joy. Very possibly my most favorite characterization of the pair, and a fantastic read.
The Phoenix Cave
By: Michael Thomas
(Final Fantasy 6) This story follows Locke Cole during the time between the destruction of the world, and when the rest of the team stumbles across him in the Phoenix Cave.
The One Who Stayed Behind
By: Jeff Herrold
(Final Fantasy 7) A rather more metaphysical fic than normal for FF7, and the first offering from Jeff in a long while. Definitely worth a look, and uniquely spooky.
No Mercy
By: xaphanea
(Final Fantasy 8) An entity from the past slithers through those of the present. A nostalgic knight seeks to kill. Only one woman holds the link between, but even then, there is no mercy... A very pleasant read that kept my attention right through. Nicely done!
The Good Son
By: Al Kristopher
(Suikoden 2) Al keeps right on trucking through the Suikoden games, this time selecting Boris as his character of choice in a heavily spoiler-laden fic that does a good job of deconstructing the character. Check it out.
Through Tears
By: Jason Levine
(Phantasy Star 4) Now here's a thing that's always confused me. We all know how much the average RPGer likes a good death scene: Celes' attempted suicide, Aeris' moment at the end of Disk 1. Yet, this is the first PS4 fic in the archive... and we all know what a sucker I am for first fics. Delightfully refreshing.
Any Other Night
By: Wallwalker
(Star Ocean 2) We round off the update with another of my fetishes, Star Ocean 2 fanfiction. Wallwalker provides us with a wonderfully original pre-game story on the two characters you're probably not expecting a fic to be written about. Splendid.