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Ugh, coursework really saps my mood. Not to mention that the last couple days have had my housemates annoying me more than usual and the whole world has conspired to make me cough and hack my head off from illness.

Fortunately, there's a ray of hope to come: I've had a few people ask me what my little countdown is from the top, and it's when my girlfriend finally arrives in England for both of us to have a much-needed holiday. So, for the next few weeks, there'll either be updates from the trusty Fanfic Crew or a more unusual dual update from two strange people in England rather than one.

Notes From Fanfic Land

The new design is still progressing, and we're still very much open to ideas of things you may want to see in the new layout. As for any other delay recently, blame coursework. As a general heads up, my ICQ client appears to have selfdestructed when it comes to sending messages.

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Double-check. Always take when you've written, take a step back, then re-read it. Odds are you'll notice a little niggly point that you missed, or something that could be rephrased, or an awkward piece of dialogue.

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New Fan Fiction - December 9th, 2001
i must not angst angst is the mind killer angst is the little death that brings total oblivio--(WHAP!) Ahem. Enough self-pity; on with the ficcage!
By: Doc
(Final Fantasy 6) I personally had reservations about this one, but everyone else liked it, so up it goes: a very long after-game fic concentrating on Shadow's thoughts and feelings as they fight a new threat.
By: Wallwalker
(Final Fantasy 8) A very intriguing premise: In the ending, when Ultimecia passes on her powers to Edea... where is everyone else in the orphanage? What happens to them, and what happens especially to Seifer?
A Chance Of Rain
By: Kupo 22
(Final Fantasy 8) Another submission from our resident FF8 fanficcer Kupo. Forget Squall's very obvious scar - what about Rinoa? What happened in her past, and which scars does she have?
Foreseeing the Prophet
By: Audrey
(Vagrant Story) A wonderfully written pre-game fic, setting the scene on the Duke and Sydney's relationship. Excellently done. Go read this. Like, now.
World Was Still
By: Lauren
(Chrono Cross) An alternative ending to the game, focusing on the relationship between Kid and Harlequin and what could have happened after it all. Nicely touching, and well worth a read.