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Sorry about the delay - something I should have informed people last week was that, due to my next four weeks having Friday deadlines, Friday was fast going to become Not A Good Update Time. As such, the following few weeks (and very possibly permanently afterward) are going to be Sunday updates. Including this one. Sorry 'bout that.

As for right now, I also have people clambering quite literally over me to move around, so I'm going to go 'restrain' them all with a large bastard sword. However Freudian an image this might be, I assure you it isn't.

Notes From Fanfic Land

Firstly, when I have the info on how it was run in the past (a peril of switching the editors near the new year) we'll once again be running the Best of 2001 Fanfic Awards, so start thinking about who you want to nominate. Secondly, there may well soon be a new style to this section, so if there's anything you want to comment on the design or layout, send us a mail.

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: When writing in Word, turn off Smartquotes and we'll love you for it. They can be found in Format -> Autoformat... -> Options... -> Replace. I personally suggest at least turning off checkboxes "smart quotes" and "symbol characters" at the very least - this prevents the 66 / 99 style of double-quote and concentrating three subsequent periods into one character, both of which can be really nasty to extricate from the middle of a long fic.

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New Fan Fiction - December 1st, 2001
Welcome to "TSG eats his hat" day, as we have a host of fantastic fiction for the more commonly ficced games. I know what I've said in the past, and my stance doesn't change. Really. Well, maybe just this week.
Figlio Perdito
By: Gregory Gietzen
(Final Fantasy 8) We start TSG Eats His Hat week with this wonderfully-written FF8 fic, a continuance of the game and a retrospective of certain scenes, as one character's fate hangs in the balance. Mild shounen ai warning, but seriously, do not let that stop you from reading this fic. Excellently done.
Am I A Lion?
By: Brightangel
(Final Fantasy 8) Secondly, an extremely moving fic from Brightangel, looking back over the past. My reaction to this was somewhere along the lines of "Wow. I'm moved. That's not meant to happen with FF8 fics. o_O". A fantastic read, and a poignant ending. Great stuff.
Sand Into Glass
By: Luke Taylor
(Final Fantasy 7) Something a little different from Luke, and talking about FF7 fics that means a lot - this is an FF7 fic with a difference. It uses absolutely no characters from in-game, and as such it's a very refreshing read and a story of one of the many inhabitants of the Corel Prison.
Lost Daughter
By: Laura Cullem
(Final Fantasy 6) Moving back a game, in all senses of the word, this is a pre-game FF6 fic about Terra when she was undergoing her manipulation into an Empire soldier, and a chance encounter with an ordinary soldier that leads to some hope of salvation. Very well written, and with a fantastic ending.
I Will Remember
By: Lassarina Aoibhell
( )
(Legend of Dragoon) Finally this week, Lassarina continues to work on Legend of Dragoon, this time asking whether Rose was really evil or remorseless during the longest period of her life. A well-written vignette looking into her thoughts pre-game, and very worth a read. Just be careful of big nasty spoilers.