Make it Blue! November 24, 2005

   This week is a special Thursday update for Thanksgiving. To celebrate the holiday, we've got Karlinn's new .hack// fic, Penance, and the finale of One Man Army. Lariat continues and there's another one of Karlinn's FFXI fics for your enjoyment.

   If you want your holiday or winter fics posted this month, hurry and send them to Holiday themed fics will get update priority over regular submissions. After my plea for fics last week, I found four new ones in the fanfic email! Great job guys, keep the fics coming!

  New Fanfiction - November 24, 2005  

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By: Doc
Final Fantasy VII
Guns, fights and money. All in a day's work for Vincent and Cid. (Chapters 9-11)
Okay, try and follow my logic on this. We all know that nobody puts ketchup on a hotdog. What I'm wondering is, what do we *really* know about Detroit? I mean, we've all seen the footage, we know OCP rules the city with an iron fist, and only Robocop can save us, but apart from that we're really left in the dark about the whole thing. There was that whole thing with Snake Plissken, once upon a time, but that has come and gone, my friends. Or, in the immortal words of Reducto, "I've got a shrink gun." In conclusion, my pockets hurt.

By: Karlinn
The burden of another life – beyond that which he had stayed in ‘The World’ to save – was more than the 14-year-old was ready to bear, and yet in his heart and mind, he knew he had done just that. (Chapter 1-2)
Penance. Webster's defines it as "an act of self-abasement, mortification, or devotion performed to show sorrow or repentance for sin". Now Sin, as we know, terrorized Spira for years and years and could only be banished temporarily, like Motley Crue. However, Crue did fade into obsolesence during the 90's when grunge broke on the scene, and Chad Kroeger simultaneously formed Nickelback, Default, Theory of a Deadman and Our Lady Peace. Speaking of dead men, the movie Stir of Echoes was all about that, and it starred none other than... Kevin Bacon! IT'S ALL COMING TOGETHER NOW!

One Man Army
By: Michael Thomas
Final Fantasy VI
One outlook on what Locke might have done in an attempt to sabotage the Empire and liberate South Figaro from their control. (Chapters 5-End)
One Man Army - For when you absolutely, positively, have to kill someone on the other end of the earth who will, thirty years from now, father the child who bunks with the next great dictator and convinces him to give up pottery in exchange for a career in super-villainy, and you need it done without any ties to who you are, as it may endanger you because you yourself are from a dystopian future where hotdogs rule Portugal. Fishing lures sold separately.

Bad Day
By: Karlinn
Final Fantasy XI
A flick of the wrist; a quiet buzzing; a distant splash...
Because "Day" was just too dull and everything else sounded kinda lame. See, there's a philosophy behind everything, I said to myself, "How could I make this different from everything else I've written?" And myself says back, "Self, you're hungry and tired. Eat some food and take a nap, and then maybe wake up an hour later and watch Die Hard." And then I say to myself, "This is not my beautiful house. This is not my beautiful wife!" And then I ask myself, "Am I right, or am I wrong? My god, what have I done?!"

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