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Welcome to TSG's world. Do come in. Please, excuse the huge piles of coursework - it's that time of year.

Yes, coursework has descended upon Spodder's Row, and I have about 4 pieces to complete within the next couple weeks. Fun fun. Luckily, this is my first year in university - for the second time - so I'm nice and up on the work and left reading your fanficcy contributions. However, don't be upset if the next couple of updates arrive a little late - bear with me, since I'll also be buried under a mass of papers and grading sheets.

So, I hear you American peeps have this odd Thanksgiving thing, where you eat a turkey. Often in one bite. Well, we kinda have that, only we have it a month later, on Christmas Day. Y'see, we're still a little sore from that "Independance" thing you guys got. Nevertheless, the basic procedure seems, from observation, to remain the same - eat until your shirt loses buttons and your trousers pop, and rest your hands on your stomach slowly venting air in a long "ohhhhhhhhhhhh...." in an attempt not to explode. Personally, I think it sounds like great fun. Now I just need a turkey. Oh, yeah, and that being able to cook thing...

Unfortunately, as you'll see from the sidebar, we're actually starting to run out of backlog to work through. So c'mon, all you budding authors! Type something up and send it into us to read to beef up our poor ailing checklist. If you've still got that crazy idea for a fic rusting at the back of your brain, dust it off, put it on a long leash, and let it run a little. You never know what'll come out of it. And by contributing to our poor ill checklist, you're also helping Little GBA not cry. And we all know that's the important thing.

Speaking of which, I'd absolutely love to see some Golden Sun fanfiction. This game is taking up all of my time at university. This game is beating the sides of my head, demanding to be fanficced, only I haven't the faintest idea what to write for it. Though I must admit you can never go wrong with angst. Mmm, angst...
For now, though, enjoy the fics, write more fics, send fics in, and most of all, try not to explode.

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Just go for it. Whether you think you're good at fanfiction or not is irrelevant. What matters is the writing of it. As I've said in the past, writing fanfic requires a lot of effort. Completing a story - especially a long one - is a triumph in and of itself. Most of all, enjoy it.

The Steel "Pk-KAAAAAAARK!" Gunner

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New Fan Fiction - November 23rd, 2001
A bit of catching up this week, as we clean up some of those fics that have been languishing in the checklist for a while now, waiting for their chance to shine like pretty little jewels. Ooooo... pretty. It's like Columns. Only not.
Purchasing Of The Legend Of Zelda
By: D.N.Austen
(Zelda: Ocarina of Time) Whatever you're doing, read these tales of a man and his attempts to buy a certain gold game. Parodies of the Jabberwocky and Nevermore, and very funny indeed. Great stuff.
By: Rose Angel
(Final Fantasy 7) A fic that answers two questions: why Rufus hates his father so much and why Rufus' mother never appears in the game. Some slightly better-hidden Shinra secrets from Rose Angel.
Jewel Lament
By: Atolm2000
(Legend of Mana) Another piece of Legend of Mana fanfiction, which has seen a resurgence in recent weeks. While I don't particularly like the game much myself, the rest of the fanfic staff assure me this is a good read. If nothing else, it's a good little vignette about the end of one of the more important Jumi in the game.
By: Gunner
(Dragon Force) A man to my own heart! Nearly the same online handle, and he does fanfiction for rarer games! From Gunner today, a fic from the old Saturn game Dragon Force, a prologue for the storyline of one of the main characters of the game.
A Warrior's Bane
By: Ersatz Sobriquet
(Chrono Trigger) Last today, Ersatz continues his penchant for the older games with this Chrono Trigger fic, where we learn the backstory behind Crono's father and one of the more plausible reasons Crono never speaks.