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Many sorries - after collapsing on my bed after university on Thursday afternoon and dealing with personal problems Thursday night, I had no time to prepare this update before Friday's day of lectures (and running around the university like a hyperactive rabbit trying to sort out admin stuff) rolled around. As the title indicates, it's not a trend that will continue - things just came to a head this week.

This week'll be an interesting one indeed. Personally, I won't be getting either console this week - the price I was quoted to get both the Gamecube and the X-Box imported from America was over $1400, which is just a little too rich for my blood. I fully intend to keep an eye on them, however, as well as the many wonderful things they produce. Mmm, new hardware...

Short intro today. No limk pimpage, either - TSG is veeeery sleeeepy and finding it more than a little painful to think. And he is going to go avoid housemates and collapse in a perfect arc towards his mattress. For the meantime, enjoy the fics below and we'll be back and running next Friday as normal.

Writing Tip of the Week Start simple. If you are just starting writing, you most likely will have a ton of trouble if you, oh say, try to write a 50 chapter drama. I started out writing short comedies because I love comedy. So if you like poetry, start with that. If you like comedy, start with that. Be confident in what you write.

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New Fan Fiction - November 17th, 2001
We all apologise for the lateness of the fics this week, but hey, look on the bright side! You only have to wait 6 days for the next set of fanfic to arrive! Isn't that a nice bonus? Huh? Huh? ... um... don't kill me! Please!
By: Saka Ogawa
(Grandia 2) Mmm. We start the update off today with a wonderful piece of Grandia 2 fanfiction detailing the relationship between Ryudo and his brother Melfice, from the latter's point of view. Highly recommended. Very light shounen ai warning.
Reaching Out
By: Arafel
(Final Fantasy 8) A nice ficcy about Squall and Laguna's reconciliation, which manages to rise nicely above the other fics in this area. Well worth a look, if nothing else because I'm sure many readers will identify.
Honey, Vanilla, and Satin
By: SilverKnight
(Final Fantasy 7) Yes, I know. I know exactly what I always say about FF7 fics. I know how I rant. But... good lord, there are still some extremely nice fics for this game. A fantastic Cid fic from SilverKnight.
A Night In Their Lives
By: Jonatan L
(Suikoden 2) Late night thinking is never a good idea, particularly if you're a stubborn loner with a rune embedded in his hand. A nicely sedate fic from Jonatan about a couple of characters and not enough sleep, sentiments I can identify with.
All I Want
By: April
(Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete) A nice little monologue about a certain someone's affection for Kyle and how it just won't go away, but won't go forward either. While I've not played the first Lunar, I'm given to understand this is nicely characterized indeed.