Fan Fiction - 9th November, 2002
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I love England. I really do.

It's November. The start of November traditionally causes problems in this house: the first year I lived here, we hosed a pair of trick-or-treaters that came back to our house 4 times to get more candy, and the next day we got high-grade slingshot pellets through our windows. The second year, we had a burglar enter the house. (To our great luck, however, he instantly and unerringly went to my bedroom and woke me up by shining a torch in my face.) So, I was understandably nervous about this year. I bought plenty of candy, I resigned myself to guard duty while the housemates went out... and nothing happened.

Oh well.

The real reason I love England and the reason November causes problems, however, is this: Nov 5th was Bonfire Night, Guy Fawkes' Day.

It's a problem for us because the next door neighbours have loud dogs which they mistreat and leave to bark. I get quite upset at this as it is, but when fireworks are also going off through the night, not many people get much sleep. Poor doggies.

The reason I love England is this: long before Sep. 11th, long before all this tension in the world, the England took an evening out every year to celebrate someone attempting to blow up the government. Not to note that it happened: to celebrate it. With, of all things, pretty explosions. And that I dearly love, that casual cynicism for government, that rather happy-go-lucky attitude. I find Guy Fawkes' Night very special for that.

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Kingdom Hearts fics are, as shown below, fair game. Suikoden 3 and Wild ARMS 3 fics can now also get reviews, though it'd be at least a couple of weeks before they'd get put up.

We're working on getting the checklist back up and a voting system back in place. Until then, fics may be pushed ahead or back in the line so that we don't accidentally reject ones that shouldn't be rejected.

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