Samurai Edge November 2nd, 2005

   This week, a new serial FFVII fic, Lariat, begins, Scheduled Disasters continues, and the first half of Le Triste Garcons becomes available for your enjoyment.

  New Fanfiction - November 2nd, 2005  

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Le Triste Garcons
By: Brian Conley
Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
After a violent dream involving his death at Ritz's hands, Marche goes around St. Ivalice trying to understand his own demons, and trying to come to terms with leaving the realm of Dream Ivalice.
I have no idea what the hell it means, but that's never stopped me from talking about it like I knew it from day one. Now, I'm telling you right off the start, I don't care what testimonials you've read, I don't care what experts you've talked to. I'm sure they'll all tell you that it's the number one product on the market today. But here's what they won't tell you: in the 2525, we will start a war over this thing. And you can bet those sneaky bastards from Baltimore are behind it all.

The Art of Keeping Oneself Dry
By: Karlinn
Final Fantasy XI
Her soft footfalls went almost unheard to his pointed ears; she moved with obviously feline grace as she sprinted by him, tail twitching merrily, fiery red hair quivering in the wind...
The Art of Keeping Oneself Dry won't be appearing on any bestseller lists or top tens, but with it's hardcore fan base of zero we believe it has the potential to shake up the underground radical revisionist post-post-modern historical cookbook market in ways not seen since Thirty Creative Uses for a WWI-era German Spike Helmet. It's so obscure, we're not even entirely sure it's a book. "All we know is the title, which we're told our producer wrote on a diner napkin at 3am. But we just know it's gonna be big!

By: Doc
Final Fantasy VII
Guns, fights and money. All in a day's work for Vincent and Cid. (Chapters 0-2)
Well, folks, we were going to debut Lariat tonight, but unfortunately our translation team got into a fistfight with the janitors, and there was only one survivor. So, the task of localization has fallen completely on the shoulders of Javier Ramos, who we weren't even sure was actually on staff, but he was the last man standing and we had a deadline to make. He doesn't speak English or Japanese, so Lariat will henceforth be referred to as That Thing We Were Working On. We hope to have a working demo by next week.

Scheduled Disasters
By: Simon
In the waning years of the third era of Tamriel, a prisoner born on a certain day to uncertain parents is being sent, under guard, without explanation, to Morrowind, ignorant of the role he is to play in that nationís history. (Chapters 21-24)
Now, we previewed Scheduled Disasters on last week's episode, and the consensus has remained unchanged since then, which unfortunately leaves us with five minutes of dead air. I shall compensate by narrating. I wonder if I'll ever meet the right woman. Why does my arm keep itching? Man, I should've bought new shoes, these don't support my feet anymore. I'm bored, I think I'll break into the vending machine later. Who runs this show, anyway? And why did Jennifer Love Hewitt leave me for that guy in LFO? I can't believe I went to college for this crap. Ohh, we're back on! Let's see how they did!

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