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So, then! Here's hoping everyone had a very good and candy-laden Halloween. Personally, I didn't - 21 is a little old to Trick or Treat around England, you get funny looks - but I was by the front door all evening, on guard duty for any tricksters who might be about. Armed with my usual weapons - two large Super Soakers, a katana and a bastard sword - two of us in the house were vigilant, ready to poke anyone who came to the door with pointy sharp objects.

Well, not really. Not anymore, at least - those who know me know that I live in a vaguely rough area of Coventry, and as such you really don't go pissing off other people in the area. The first year we really did hit a couple kids with Super Soaker blasts - they were asking for it, they'd come back to the door a third time - and the next day a couple of slingshot bullets smashed the panes of the lounge window, nearly nicking one housemate's ear and slamming into a monitor. Next year we were going to try turning off all the lights and pretending no-one was in, until we did a test run and neary got robbed. Oops.

So, I relented, and bought a large bag of little Mars Bars to throw at people who came to the door instead. And, lo and behold, practically no-one turned up. Aside from the fireworks going off every so often the street was almost completely silent, and the group of us in the house dined on Mars Bars that night, with many happy smiles. So, in the end, I did have a candy-laden Halloween, I suppose.

Now, I'm tempted to try this again: some of you may remember the English fic-writers convention I tried to get together, and I'm trying again. So, if any of you fic-writers out there are in England and want to meet up either in Birmingham or London or somewhere, throw an email to me and we'll see what we can sort out.

Now for some link pimping - for those of you who like story-based webcomics as opposed to straight comedy, visit Amphetamine, a manga-styled webcomic just now restarting its story and looking damn nice as they go. Unfortunately, due to problems, they've lost readership, so now they're back up you must go there. And read, and marvel.

Finally, any graphic artists out there willing to trade some link pimping or a piece of custom-written fanfiction in return for a new banner? Please? My Photoshop skills are very weak, and the banner I made sucks mightily. This makes my baby GBA cry. You wouldn't want to leave a poor baby GBA crying, would you...?

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Things are still getting sorted out - bear with us, we're getting there. All email changes and updated fiction sent to us should be up and sorted between now and the next update - look out next week for confirmation. If yours isn't fixed once confirmed, it's been lost in the changeover.

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TSG: Not so much a tip, more a thanks - we've had practically no fics recently that have contravened the guidelines. Keep it up, guys!

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New Fan Fiction - November 2nd, 2001
Plucked from the bottom of the big candy bag, here are some choice morsels of ficcage, with absolutely no month-old lifesavers mixed in. Enjoy!
Are You Afraid?
By: Lesley
(Final Fantasy 6) A fanfic looking into the childhood of Kefka, Celes and Terra, involving the infusions they all had to go through. Look out for little Terra, possibly one of the greatest versions of her I've ever seen.
Between Heaven And Hell
By: Kasmi Kassim
(Xenogears) How far will Billy go to help Primera, and how far will Primera go attempting to stop him? Billy backstory, on how and why he deicded to start his orphanage, as well as Primera's struggle with the past tragedy.
Innocence Repents
By: Moonshine
(Final Fantasy 7) Were the Turks only badasses? This fic tells of a baptism of fire for one of the Turks, as they are hired to kill someone they know. How will they cope? One of the more original Turk fics out there.
Pins And Needles
By: Asyria
(Final Fantasy 8) A cautionary tale from Asyria, as Seifer and Fuujin spiral into drug use after the events of the game, and Raijin does his best to help them. Definitely worth a read, if only for the moral it gives.
By: Rose Angel
(Legend of Dragoon) Another piece of pre-game fic for this, detailing the death of one of the Dragoons at the end of the last Dragoon Campaign and how she feels trying to deal with her death and the loneliness it brings.