Fan Fiction - October 31st, 2003
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Well, folks! This is it! Like promised, we have a special Halloween update for you. Five delicious stories of terror, suspense and other nifty things. I'm not able to repost last week's fanfics like I planned. So instead, I'm going to make sure people read the last update in the most obvious and annoying manner possible:

Last week's update, and thus last week's fanfics, can be found HERE.

I do hope you'll check it out.

Now, to celebrate the arrival of Halloween, a mini-ghost story of my own:

On a dark, stormy night, our brave Fanfic Editor Niki sat down in front of her computer to check her email. Excited at what the possibilities could be, she double-clicked the Outlook Express icon and it happily booted up without a hitch. At first, she was unnerved by the vast amounts of spam clogging up her email, but she attempted to calm her breathing and found a few fanfics admist the rubble. Smiling, she opened the first email to find it was a fanfic on Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete. The author claimed it was an alternative universe take on Hiro's bath scene. Figuring it was much too naughty for RPGamer to publish, she read it anyway. Suddenly, there was a bump, and a creak, and Niki brought her hands to her mouth and screamed! There, written in large, red font, was this sentence:

"At first, Hiro was annoyed that anybody could interrupt his blissful bath. I mean, the nerve! Then, his eyes traveled up the gigantic, grotesque body that was before him. Hiro let out a strangled cry as Borgan blew him a big, wet kiss!"

Niki was just about over her screaming fit when she clicked on the next email. Her screaming suddenly was renewed as she read the subject line, ""FFVII - OMG, TEH LEGGEND OF SHEPEROTHS HOT LUVVINS OMG LOL WTF!!!!11OneOne."

There suddenly was a crash, and the lights cut out with a hiss! Niki fainted dead away. She woke up to find her lights were back on, and she figured it must have been a dream. However, she glanced down to a freshly printed piece of paper. The title of the story was, "The Legend of Zelda: The Matrix"

Her screaming began anew. The nightmare had ONLY BEGUN.

*bows* Thank you, thank you. And have a safe Halloween!

Notes from Fanfic Land

There are a few more resubmissions and changes coming your way. Here's a heads up:

Also, the next update will mark the return of the Writing Tip of the Week section, so do send in any writing tips and suggestions.

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New Fan Fiction - October 31st, 2003
We received a total of five Halloween fanfics. FIVE. I'm overjoyed, and spooked, by what's been offered. Make sure not to read these stories in the dark...
I Stand Alone
By: DJ Carter
(Final Fantasy 6) There's always something about Kefka that creeps me out. Perhaps it's his personality. Perhaps it's because he's a big clown who knows about mechs. Either way, DJ Carter captures that fear beautifully in this short fic about the Poisoning of Doma.
Blood Moon Rising
By: Damian Dydyn
(Final Fantasy 7) Told in classic ghost story style, Cloud learns that the past can indeed come back to haunt you. Literally.
A Time to Speak
By: Ashbear
(Final Fantasy 8) Ashbear returns with a chilling tale of past mental torture, uncertainty, and very trippy nightmares.
Tree of Life
By: Myshu
(Final Fantasy 9) Meet Subject. Subject is at the whims of a giant sentient tree, and doesn't like it too much. Unfortunately, this giant sentient tree needs Subject to stay alive. Who is Subject? What am I talking about? You need to read to find out. I highly recommend this one, though it has a lot of FF9 spoilers.
The Blessing
By: tami
(Crono Cross) A ghost story of sorts, Leena reflects on her relationship with Serge, both past and present.