Crimson Sacrifice October 26th, 2005

   This week marks the end of Cycle, so next time we'll have a new serial fic for your enjoyment. Scheduled Disasters continues, and there are two new oneshots from Xenosaga: Episode I and Final Fantasy VI. Remember to send all your fics to

  New Fanfiction - October 26th, 2005  

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By: ImagineGal
Ten years after the game ends, one of the Chosen Four has been separated from the group... (Chapters 17-20)
In today's hectic 'get it done five minutes ago' world, sometimes you need a little help relaxing. For that, choose Cycle! Normal sedatives last only eight hours - barely enough to get a good night's sleep. Cycle is guaranteed to knock you out for twenty-four hours at a minimum, from one single dose. You'll be so sound asleep, your family won't even know you're alive! Cycle: for when NyQuil just isn't strong enough! Warning: May cause dizziness, drymouth, vomiting, drowsiness, heart irregularities, heart failure, brain failure, exploding eye syndrome, and death.

The Painter's Tale
By: Michael Thomas
Final Fantasy 6
The story is a "fill-in-the-blank" for Relm, covering the time that between when the airship breaks apart and when the group finds her at Owzer's house in Jidoor.
I remember when The Painter's Tale opened. There was a riot that day, unrelated I think; I remember someone threw a shoe through my window, although it might've been me throwing my shoe through someone else's. I'm not clear on that, it's been thirty years. But I digress; it was a lovely building, and my view of it was obstructed by the shoe which came through the window. I think it had something to do with Samhain, though my son said it was the neighbors trying to get me to stop talking. The moral of the story is, you can't trust orange.

Our Daughter
By: Joseph Reyes
Xenosaga: Episode I
She made me worry like Iíve never worried for her before. I worried so hard I thought my head would burst with it, that my soul would overflow with it.
Our Daughter - a shining example of innovation in a world gone mad, in a town where they didn't know his name. This summer, China is on the run from Our Daughter, and the mob wants in, and the only thing standing in their way is 13 tons of Michigan lobster. Friends will be made, enemies will be killed, and that guy from Full House will be elected Emperor of the Moon. In a related story, these are not my pants. Thank you, and good night.

Scheduled Disasters
By: Simon
In the waning years of the third era of Tamriel, a prisoner born on a certain day to uncertain parents is being sent, under guard, without explanation, to Morrowind, ignorant of the role he is to play in that nationís history. (Chapters 17-20)
"I'd like to take his face... off! Eyes... nose... skin, it's comin' off!"
"No more Scheduled Disasters for that man."

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