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In TSG's Head: .oO( What kind of test has the question "Who wrote the textbook for the course"? )
In TSG's PSX: Final Fantasy Tactics, after a long hiatus. T.G. Cid is insane.
In TSG's House: Four pizza-eating visitors, three annoying housemates, two pointy swords and a partridge in a pear tree.

Well, hello there, and welcome to the brand spanking new fanfiction department. Well... sort of. It looks the same but there's a decidedly European air to the section now. People stroll amongst the archives in red-and-white striped shirts, holding bags of onions over their shoulders and wearing their berets at a raunchy angle. Plump men in lederhosen polka around the channel, while stout men with monocles and impeccable suits wander into bars and order pints of beer. Groups of people eat extremely large pasta meals for hours, while talking incessantly with extremely large arm movements.

Well, not quite, I suppose. But aren't stereotypes fun? This occured to me yesterday, as I went into university for the test mentioned above in my head. I was borderline case for being the year's Insane Person - there's always one person in a year who's not quite in touch with reality, and also for being the year's Games Player - again, there's always one who sits around playing his GBA in lectures all day. Not that I'd know anything about that. Nono. So, then, I was up for a position in two stereotypes for the year, and I knew it'd be no fun only getting one of them.

So, I was walking in to my test. And I had a sword over my shoulder as I did, presenting a rather unusual image. You see, I do this thing called LARP from time to time - Live Action Role Play, which basically entails running around a wood in a tunic beating the crap out of other LARPers with swords - fibreglass pole centers, with foam latex over the top shaped to a sword. Very non-lethal - these things would probably bounce off a fly. And I'd been practicing in a park a short walk from my house before the test, when it started raining. I didn't especially want to walk home to drop off the sword when it was raining... so I came up with the decidedly guy idea (see, more stereotypes) to wander into the university with it on my back.

Well, the end result was as you'd expect - weird stares, general scaring of people, and my firm establishment when I explained it into not one but both of the stereotypes of the year. All in all, a very satisfying day.

My rambling point of all this is that stereotypes are fun. However, read the first paragraph and assume I'm not talking tongue in cheek. Stereotypes can be unpleasant, too. So, when fic-writing and /especially/ when writing humorous fic-writing, use stereotypes as a tool for jokes, but don't over do them - the jokes soon become thin if you do.

After that rather circuitous writing tip, down to business. I'm now head of the archive, but as I've said, nothing's changed - same email to submit to, all the guidelines are the same as ever.

Notes From Fanfic Land

We've been sent a number of email changes and fic changes to update - don't worry if they don't appear for a couple of weeks. We do have them, and we are working on them. If you don't get a mail back saying your problem has been fixed after 3-4 weeks, then your mail may have got lost in the changeover, and we'll be happy to sort things out if you mail us again.

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG: See above:- don't overuse stereotypes, because otherwise your jokes will thin and you may alienate your audience.

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New Fan Fiction - October 26th, 2001
In keeping with the European flavour of the section, today's update is a smorgasbord of different flavours. Smorgasbord? Geddit?
In Rememberance Of Owls
By: Kupo_22
(Final Fantasy 8) Ever wonder why Zone and Watts joined the resistance? Kupo gives us the answer in this fic, detailing their childhood right up until they get their reason. Nicely written indeed.
The Allure of a Rose
By: Joshua Davis
(Saga Frontier) While I haven't personally played Saga Frontier, I have it on good information that this is a very nice piece. If nothing else, it's a well-written monologue and a thought-provoking piece.
Prisoner's Freedom
By: Katherine Rose
(Final Fantasy 7) So how evil is Sephiroth, exactly? A short vignette, exploring Sephiroth's more than a little addled thoughts at a certain plot point in the game.
By: Uncle Pervy
(The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time) Uncle Pervy, quite possibly the coolest-named fanfic writer around, offers up this surprisingly dark conclusion to the Zelda games, spanning every single Zelda game.
Pick Of The Litter
By: Mess
(Xenogears) Mess offers up a very well written - and occasionally slightly unsettling - view of the Elements, and of the ex-commander considering himself trash. Very nicely in-character - although trying to get your head round young Seraphita may make it hurt a little. You Have Been Warned.