Fan Fiction - October 25th, 2003
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All right! It's done! Took me a bit longer than expected, but all the resubmissions are finished. If for some reason I did not include your resubmission (which is entirely possible), kindly send me a tactful email stating that I'm a big dork and I managed to skip yours. Or something. I'll fix it as soon as possible.

Also, I'm VERY happy that people are sending in Halloween fics! I was planning to update yesterday...but I must tell you a spooky story...

You may or may not be aware, but over the course of this weekend the Earth is being pounded by a massive solar flare. It sounds worse than it actually is, though. It just manages to mess up anything communications wise. After my cable ISP crashed and burned for most of the evening, I intended to call my ISP to find out if it was, indeed, the solar storm. I heard my dad yelling colorful things on the phone line while I was talking to the tech support guy. Now, when I say, 'colorful things' I don't mean cuss words. I mean those endearing little family things that would embarrass the heck out of you if it was uttered in a public place. Yeah, well, this was our conversation:

Me: Uh, dad, you left the phone on downstairs!
Dad: No I didn't! What are you talking about?
Me: Yes you did! It's on downstairs! I can hear you down there!
Dad: Did not!
Me: Did too!
etc. etc. etc.

So yeah, the phone was on downstairs, but my dad was out of the house and swears that he never used it. Befuddled father...or spooky solar flares? YOU MAKE THE CALL!

So, my point? Ah, right. Point is I wasn't able to update on Friday, which is rather annoying since I planned to have an update exactly on Halloween. Exactly a week. Now it's not exactly a week, and I don't want to slight these fanfic authors by having an update so soon. So, what will happen is there WILL be an update on the 31st, but it depends on how many fics we receive for Halloween. If we receive a great amount of acceptable fics, I'll do a brand new update and repost all the old fics as well. If we only receive a few acceptable ones, then I'll just edit this update and trust you'll all frolic back on the 31st for some Halloween cheer. We'll see how it goes.

Finally, we're still accepting Halloween fics. If you have ANYTHING spooky to send us, I want it. I covet it. I NEED it...but please send it in no latter than October 30th at 12:01 am PST. It can either be Halloween themed, or just plain spooky. Or Creepy. Whatever you prefer.

Notes from Fanfic Land

Yes, it's time! Time to list resubmissions and changes! Thanks for being patient, guys. I didn't want to do an update until this was finished. I did promise, after all.

Here are the resubmisisons and changes. I'm doing something a bit different. I'm listing what's been changed:
  • Various email changes all around.
  • Ashbear's story Castles in the Sky has been revised and put in the archives.
  • Andew Vant's story Dark Calling has been revised and put in the archives.
  • Collin Dyck's story Birth of the Blade has been heavily revised and put in the archives.
  • The FF6 fanfic 'Salvation' has been taken down from the archives at the author's request.

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New Fan Fiction - October 25th, 2003
What time is it kids? That's right! It's fic time! Short summaries this week because I know you want to get to the fics.
Writing of Wrongs
By: James Chilcott and Mike Dixon
( ) & (
(Final Fantasy 7) This fanfic is probably the most biazzare fic that I've read in a long time. And I love it. It's impossible to really describe in a few words, but I highly recommend you read this one. Besides laughing your sides off, you'll never look at a fanfic the same way again.
Eye on Me
By: Al Kristopher
(Final Fantasy 8) Al returns with a sweet FF8 fic that proves that no pairing is too biazzare or unexpected. No matter, for love is in the air at Balamb Garden.
Stranger Then Fiction
By: Brian Conley
(Parasite Eve) This uniquely written fic focuses on a lesser known character, Ben, during the darkest days of his young life. It's most certainly worth a look.
Therefore Perfect
By: Meia
(Suikoden 3) Meia brings us a great post game fic that chronicles the final thoughts of a villian. Beware, there are major spoilers here if you haven't beaten Suikoden 3.
Meaningless Speculation
By: Zell's Lollipop Ninja
(Suikoden 3) Zell's Lollipop Ninja returns with another Suikoden 3 fanfic that shows how a simple misunderstanding can lead to an unexpected friendship.