Fan Fiction - 22nd October, 2002
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New Fan Fiction - October 22nd, 2002
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For Love of the Game
By: Mayumi-H
(Final Fantasy 10) The Al Bhed Psyches have lives outside of the Blitzball arena. Don't they? Here, Mayumi sets out to provie it to us, and does so admirably. A very nice read, and an intriguing look into less-developed characters.
By: Stephen Williams
(Final Fantasy 6) A rather unnerving account of one of the more haunting aspects of Final Fantasy 6, and it's effect on the mental state of one Returner in particular.
By: Iris Amergin
(Final Fantasy Tactics) Iris (who I've only just now recognized as a friend from an RP group) gives us a short vignette on one character's thoughts as Fort Zeakden burns and they stand on the brink. Very nicely written indeed, and I can vouch for that.
Battle Shrimp!
By: Giampaolo Bianchi
(Tales of Destiny 2 / Iron Chef) Well, uh... what can I really say but 'Why not?!'. An engaging, quirky read, and a great deal of fun.
Lunar: Closing Darkness
By: Sky Fender
(Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete) This is one of those fics that literally passed me by: filtering itself straight into my 'Resubmissions' folder. Once I found it, I was most pleased; while I've never played the first Lunar, this fic kept my attention right through. A very nice piece of work.
Your Pilgrimage Ends Here
By: Alicia Godin
(Final Fantasy 10) A follow-up or companion of sorts to Alicia's earlier Reflections, the focus stays on Isaaru for one extremely important event in the game, and his motivations and reasons throughout. Definitely worth looking at, especially alongside Reflections.
The Greatest Teacher
By: Al Kristopher
(Suikoden 2) Al continues his work on the Suikoden games with this self-proclaimed Samurai Jack-esque story about Genshu from Suikoden 2. The unusual style makes for an interesting reading experience; check it out, do.