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We got email to the address this week, with someone complaining that the fanfic section update schedule was getting "out of hand". And, you know, I was all ready to get upset about things, fire off a nasty update containing all sorts of vicious bits of flamage, and hiss and spit about the incident for a few days.

And then I realized that, no, the individual in question was right. I haven't been able to update the fanfic section with anything even remotely resembling regularity for over six months now. My life is just full of too much stuff, and my attention is too firmly on my mundane job, my webhost business, and my writing group's web presence. I haven't had time to take for me in a very long time, and RPGamer work has been shuffled so far down in my stack of priorities that it's not fair to you as readers (just as it's not fair to me as a person) to keep claiming the responsibility when I don't have time for the work.

Running this fan fiction section is a lot of work. I, unlike a number of my RPGamer colleagues, am not a college student; I don't have the legendary college student free time. I haven't been able to keep up with newly-released games (the last RPG I played was FF9), and these days I'm more interested in anime fanfic than RPG fanfic anyway.

And so, this will be my last update as RPGamer fan fiction editor. (If you can really call it an update, anyway.) I've been doing this job for a long time; I started out as an editorial assistant for Amber Michelle in May of 1999, and gradually took on more and more responsibility for the department until I became the editor in August of 2000. It's time to let someone else take over.

Expect to see something from my successor soon. (And no, I shan't tell you who it is; let it be a surprise.) I may stay on as an editorial assistant, depending on my schedule; we'll see. In the meantime, I'll always be reachable via email. I'll be using the sudden influx of free time (hah!) to work on my ten thousand other projects, including both the fanfic novel and the original novel I have in progress. And who knows, you might see some RPG fanfic from me posted here a little further down the line. ^_^

I've had a lot of fun in between all the stress, working here. I'll miss all the great people, both staffers and authors, whom I've met during the last two and a half years. Take care of yourselves, keep in touch, and keep on writing.

Alanna "See you, space cowboy"

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