The Soylent System is People! October 12, 2005

   This week in Fanfiction, we've got the continuations of Cycle and Scheduled Disasters accompanied by some Final Fantasy Tactics and Arc the Lad II fics.

   As a reminder, please do not send in any unfinished works. We'll accept the ones we have already received, but after this update, no more. We do have serial works, but these are from authors who have shown they can actually finish their fanfics. We also will post extremely long fics as serials, like Cycle and Scheduled Disasters.

   On a similar note, please do not send in Advent Children fanfiction until after the US release.

  New Fanfiction -October 12, 2005  

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By: ImagineGal
Ten years after the game ends, one of the Chosen Four has been separated from the group... (Chapters 9-12)
Introducing Cycle: the newest and latest in a long line of revolutionary products guaranteed to make your life better and more fulfilling! Built and tested in our own in-house laboratories, Cycle is a one-of-a-kind masterpiece destined to revolutionize the way you look at EVERYTHING, from gardening tool cleaning to skywriting. Cycle is so revolutionary, we haven't even invented it yet, but the patent office didn't seem to care! Cycle is so revolutionary, we haven't even invented it yet! Why, we're not even employed by anybody! THAT's how revolutionary it is! Cycle: Because you don't hate the future, do you?

Scheduled Disasters
By: Simon
In the waning years of the third era of Tamriel, a prisoner born on a certain day to uncertain parents is being sent, under guard, without explanation, to Morrowind, ignorant of the role he is to play in that nationís history. (Chapters 9-12)
I've Scheduled Disasters for thirty-five years now, and nobody knows my job better than me. I've rigged buildings to implode so well they reform to form other buildings. I've staged tornadoes just so Roland Emmerich could make destroying the world look cool. I even told Fonzie that waterskiing over that shark was a good idea. Folks, nobody knows Scheduled Disasters better than me. You want something to go right? You want something to go wrong you've come to the right place.

The Ending of a Revolution
By: Alexander Oliva
Final Fantasy Tactics
The story of Miluda, a member of the Death Corps, and her struggle with her internal conflicts as she fights the Hokuten Knights in order to defend her ideals and her brother.
The Ending of a Revolution. The question remains, what's inside? Is it a historical document? Perhaps a dramatic retelling? A work of fiction? A non-crappy ending to the third Matrix movie? Sadly, like all excellent questions, it remains unanswered. The only answers to be found lie in the same dark morass of misinformation and lies usually reserved for dimestore psychics or fortune cookies, or the back of a really insightful popsicle stick. Wait... wait hold on. Hmm. I see... all right then. It seems it's fiction after all. All right, case closed! Good job, team. Let's go for a scone.

Just For You
By: CrystalCattail
Arc the Lad II
Shu reminisces about his early days with Elc.
Just For You, my friend; a tale of sorrow, a tale of woe, a tale of an old man who has spent too long haggling with the hotdog vender over the price of nachos. Little did he know, that jalapeno pepper cooked into the cheese would end his life, but not in the way he imagined; while reaching for his heartburn medication, a foul ball flew into the stands and clocked him on the head. But all is not lost, for his sacrifice would one day bring about the end of Communism. That... is the tale, my friend. Just For You.

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