Righteous Fury! Burning Anger! October 5, 2005

   Not much to report, except we have a new editor: Empress Dots! You can read her FFVIII fic "Boredom" in this update. And don't forget to send your fics to

  New Fanfiction - October 5, 2005  

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By: Dots
Interesting things can happen when you're bored. A look at what was going on elsewhere while Squall and Rinoa made promises in the field.
Welcome to Boredom, my friends, population: you. Now don't let the name fool you, because this is one of those rare cases where looks can be deceiving, and what kind of person is turned away by first impressions anyway? I mean, aside from employers, friends, family, strangers, romantic interests, people who might save your life, people who might SPARE your life, and basically everyone you know? Ah, but I digress; welcome to Boredom, my friend.

By: ImagineGal
Ten years after the game ends, one of the Chosen Four has been separated from the group... (Chapters 5-8)
So we decided our time with Cycle just wasn't enough. Yes, that's right, we brought one back to the office for a long-term test to see if what we said in our May issue held up over several thousand miles. So far, we found our previous comments about cabin noise, torque steer and transmission were perhaps too harsh; all those issues we had seem to melt away when we get out on the open highways and work through the gears at ever-increasing speed. Our complaint about cup-holders still stands though, six just ainít cutting it.

Scheduled Disasters
By: Simon
In the waning years of the third era of Tamriel, a prisoner born on a certain day to uncertain parents is being sent, under guard, without explanation, to Morrowind, ignorant of the role he is to play in that nationís history. (Chapters 5-8)
It seems like thereís a bug going around. On our way back from the Cycle dealer we also stopped to pick up a Scheduled Disasters for extended review. We had some electrical problems before our first servicing, but thankfully the manufacturerís warranty is totally awesome and they picked up the tab on everything that needed to be done. Bob is the one with the family around here, so we gave him first crack at the ScheDis. Apparently his kids adored the cavernous back seat and built in LCD monitor. Bob appreciated the smooth ride on surface streets and highways as well as the built-in electrical ports so that he could vacuum after his little monsters... I mean progeny were out of the vehicle.

Corrine's Bell
By: Omniflyer
Tales of Symphonia
A very what if scenario regarding the Sheena and Kuchinawa duel.
Corrine's Bell; not to be confused with Liberty, Taco, or Hell's Bell. This historic artifact was used at the Battle of Baking Soda to signal the allies' unprecedented retreat in the face of their foe: a 36-story Woody Woodpecker float that escaped from the parade last week. Some say it's possessed by the ghost of Stan Lee. Others say it's his lawyer, but we feel that some things you just have to decide for yourself. Thanks for coming, and don't forget to stop in at our gift shop downstairs.

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