Fan Fiction - October 5th, 2003
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Sorry this update is a few days late. A nasty head cold pretty much beat me up this week, resulting in me doing nothing more than going to my job, then coming home and sleeping. Thus, a lot of the stuff I wanted to do between updates (Such as catching up resubmitted stories and email changes) didn't get done this week. I apologize and promise it'll get done sometime before the next update, or you can go beat me up with a rusty spoon or something.

However, we DO have a new fanfic reviewer, nicely filling in that last vacant spot. Before I announce who it is, I'd like to thank EVERYONE who submitted an application. It was very, very hard to choose and it took me a bit of extra time to do so (thus, another reason why this update is late). I'll hang on to these applications in case we're in need of another reviewer anytime soon, so don't think that applying was in vain.

Anyway, our new reviewer is John Zeitler. He's written fanfics for RPGamer before, so you may recognize him. If not, now's your chance to meet him!

John sez: "Surely you all know me, surely you all love me-- well, maybe not love... Or even know. This complicates things. Oh well, know that I am the new guy, as it were, and that if you send me funny fics I will love you."

I'm also aware that the archives are in a bit of disarray...and I'm being kind. I'm currently looking for some sort of solution to this, so I'll keep everyone posted if I come up with one. Regardless, I know the problem is there.

Finally, to finish up this update, I have a request! No, no, it's not another plea to stop using Microsoft Word to HTMLize your fics....I mean it's almost Halloween! Magical, candy-filled Halloween! I personally think it'd be rather fun to have a few spooky fics to put up on Halloween Day. While our checklist is certainly large at this time, it certainly couldn't hurt to have a few Halloween themed fics up, right? They will be added along with our usual five fanfics per update. Unless we get like fifty thousand. Or unless they aren't very good...but they will be good, right? Of course they will! It's just a passing thought that'd be rather fun if it worked, so if you have a spooky story currently in the backburner, you may want to submit it to us. Definitely state in your email that it is for Halloween, though. Also, the fic doesn't have to be about Halloween. It can just be designed to scare the pants off of all of us! Since we have about one or two updates before Halloween, I'll keep you guys posted if anyone actually sends us something.

Notes from Fanfic Land

Like I promised the last update, I have a ton of resubmissions and email changes to sort through. I'll update this space when I add a new resubmission or change an email. Also, as you can see, the checklist is rather large. This is kind of deceptive. Since we've recently gained two reviewers, I'm giving them time to play catch up and review all of these fics. By the next update, our checklist should be a much better reflection of what's been accepted and rejected.

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New Fan Fiction - October 5th, 2003
And now for something completely different, I will present these five fics in haiku. Why? Because I can!
g.e.n.o.m.e. c.o.n.t.r.o.l.
By: reiciel
(Final Fantasy 9) Kuja's origins / He tries to understand life / Wears a nifty cape
By: Lilac Shadows
(Final Fantasy 10) Yuna sends up souls / Watch them soar to the Farplane / Listen to her thoughts
Tears of Blood
By: Michael Greenhut
(Chrono Trigger/Cross) Magus is neato / Here's his life story to read / From Trigger to Cross
The Bard of Ganbo
By: Ariana Aislinn
(Grandia) Very tipsy bard / Spies on Justin and Feena / Love is in Ganbo
Remnants of the Sky
By: Zell's Lollipop Ninja
(Suikoden 3) Borus and Yumi / Getting better acquainted / See and then believe