Fan Fiction - 21st September, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's 4-person house: 5 people. We're getting there...!
In TSG's PS2 in about 3 hours: Kindgom Hearts.

TSG sez: Welcome back to Fanficland.

It's been a hectic time for me as of late - seems I start every update with that. But this was rather notably more hectic than ever for a variety of highly private reasons. That, and I'm finally starting to turf surplus housemate out of this house.

There's not a whole lot to say, beyond the fact I'm morose about so many RPGs getting pushed back when I was expecting to be playing lots and lots of games right now. Wah. :-(

Notes from Fanfic Land

Quick note: We won't be taking any Kingdom Hearts fics for the next couple of weeks. You can send them to us, but for spoiler reasons there won't be anyone capable of reviewing them for a week or two, they'll just stay on hold.

Alan "Issen!" *ker-slice* Knight

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New Fan Fiction - September 21st, 2002
And lo, the fanfic author didst wait for Kingdom Hearts to pop through his door. And lo, until then did he spit up the following bits of html:-
By: Al Kristopher
(Final Fantasy 8) First off, an intriguing fic detailing Ultimecia's early life. Certainly an original one, and definitely worth a look.
Rescues and
Letters of Import
By: Mintbaby
(Lunar: Eternal Blue Complete) The prolific Mintbaby re-returns (since I can only use 'returns' so many times) with a pair of Lunar: Eternal Blue fics. Definitely read these.
My Wish
By: Zelda6
(Final Fantasy 7) Next up, Zelda6 gives us a rather more complete view of the relationships between Zack, Cloud, Aeris and Tifa in Final Fantasy 7. Very nicely done.
By: Th' Lady Shadow
(Final Fantasy 10) Th' Lady Shadow returns with this sweet little re-telling of one of the most memorable in-game scenes of Final Fantasy 10. Nice and sweet: check it out, do.