Fan Fiction - September 19th, 2003
Updater on Duty: Niki Dinner
In Niki's Head: I wonder how many Disgaea references people will catch this update?
In Niki's PS2: Disgaea: Hour of Darkness

EDIT: The application deadline has now passed, and all apps should be in. I'll let you guys know the results in the next update, and I should contact our lucky applicant early next week. Thank you very much!

Right. I bet you guys could tell from the update title that I'm a big fan of Disgaea. A big, big fan. Not only is it fun, but addicting!

There are several things to mention this update, most of which are pretty dang important. Let's get to it!

1) As of this update, we have a new fanfic reviewer. I'd like everyone to give a warm welcome to Joel, who'll be taking one of the spots on our review staff that's been left vacant the past few weeks. Here's a quick blurb of hello from Joel! *Cue fanfare*

Joel sez: "I hate you, unless you write fics. Good fics. That makes me happy. Otherwise hate."

Seriously though, he's very nice and just being over-dramatic. He's been hard at work reviewing fanfics on our checklist...and speaking of the checklist...

2) The checklist is back up, but we're just starting to review fics as a group, so the fic order is very messed up. If you don't see your fic up here or haven't heard anything about it in a while, don't go insane! I'm not responsible if you go mad with burning angst wondering if your fic will ever be put up, and in your torment destroy Tokyo/New York/San Francisco/Your backyard, etc. Point is, things are getting back to normal, and you'll know one way or another how your fic is doing.

3) Finally, the most important piece of news is even though there is a new fic reviewer, there is still one vacant spot left on the fanfiction review staff. Yup, we're hiring! Think you have what it takes to review the fanfiction on RPGamer? Always had a hankering to pinpoint the good fics from the bad? Want to see all the latest fanfiction in advance? Have a great sense of humor and can get along well with others? This job may be right up your alley! Simply review this application and send it in before the deadline, which is Friday, September 26th at 11:59 p.m. PDT. That said, serious applications only, please!

Notes from Fanfic Land

We've received a fair amount of resubmissions and email changes. Rest assured, they'll be going up sometime within the next two weeks. Stay tuned to this section, because I'll post any changes in this space.

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New Fan Fiction - September 19th, 2003
Next time on Mobile Space Fanfic Warrior Niki, Niki fights killer demons, angel assassins, and killer penguins to bring spiffy fanfics to the people. She'll then fight for the top spot of Fanfic Overlord, but she implores you to read these five great fanfics first.
Of Moogles and Men
By: Mike Thomas
(Final Fantasy 6) Mike Thomas begins this update with a pre-game fic that answers a very important question: just why were the moogles willing to help Locke in the mines of Narshe? Unlike moogles, this fic isn't an androgynous little ball of fluff.
In Loving Memory
By: Th’ Lady Shadow
(Final Fantasy 10) Th'Lady Shadow returns with a very heartwarming and well-written fic on Yuna's thoughts about her adventure after all is said and done. Be warned, it has spoilers if you haven't beaten the game yet.
Locking This Away
By: Kitt
(Final Fantasy 10) An interesting little vignette from Kitt on everyone's favorite (and busty) black mage Lulu, and her experiences when she travels to meet someone important. Like the last fic, I won't say much more than that due to spoilers, but this fic is definitely worth a look. It made me look at Lulu in a whole new light.
Lighting the Way to Tomorrow
By: Zealpropht
(Legend of Mana) A nifty fic focusing on everyone's favorite lamp maker, Monique. This fic not only delves into the life of Monique, but also fleshes her out as a character and makes her completely sympathetic. For that, this fic needs to be read.
By: The Ruloi Collective
(Xenosaga) To end our update this week, we have our first Xenosaga fic! This small story focuses on chaos and how he's viewed by those around him. Dark and wonderfully written, I was impressed by the fact that even though I personally have not played Xenosaga, I was still floored how wonderfully this fic was written.