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In Alanna's Head: But I don't want to leave the fic coma and go back to work tomorrow!

I have spent the past five days buried in work on my FF7 fic novel that I've been working on since 1998 or so. I have produced approximately 200K worth of text in the past week. I have surfaced only to eat, sleep, and to do Q&A last night.

I feel like I should do this update in fiction format. "She lit another cigarette and eyed the archives. They eyed back. She made a little noise generally transcribed as 'eep', skittered back in her chair, and decided to leave them for another night."

I tell you, it's satisfying to look back over five days' worth of productive writing (three chapters of the FF7 novel, and two FF8 short stories -- who flipped my writing switch from "anime" to "RPG"?), but my hands hurt. And now I have to edit all of it. So, um, if anyone needs me, that's where I'll be.

Notes From Fanfic Land

Because it bears repeating: We don't accept works in progress. It's clearly in the guidelines, but I've given up on ever getting people to READ the guidelines, so I'll just say it again now. Accepting works in progress isn't fair to the readers, who would have to go back every week and check to see if stories had been updated, and it isn't fair to the authors, who would be deprived of the ability to go back and edit their work once they were done. It'd also be more work for me, and well, we all know how bad I am with the work I've got anyway. *grin*

Also, people have been wonderful about sending their stories as attachments and not pasted into the body of the email, but when you save the file for the attachment, please give it a descriptive title. "story" or "my story" doesn't tell us much about it, and it runs the risk of getting lost on my hard drive; there are fanfics from May of 1999 in that folder that are just waiting to eat it. Please use the full title of your story as the title of your attachment. If the story is called "Ashes out of Gold", for instance, the file name should be "ashes_out_of_gold.html".

Writing Tip of the Week

Roll with it. If you catch a wave of inspiration and you're in the writerly Zone and everything is just pinging and sparking and you've got the feeling that if you cut yourself that you would bleed words and caffeine -- go for it! Put out the cat, lock the door, grab your headphones, and ride the wave until you can't take it any further. Don't stop to edit, don't stop to think, just write. You can always go back later and fix the spelling errors. And there will be many.

Alanna "And now, if you excuse me, it's off to Q&A"

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New Fan Fiction - September 8, 2001
Hi, my name is Alanna, and I read fanfic.
No. 2
By: WindWolf
(Final Fantasy 7) This story is a look at an NPC that we see in the game for all of five minutes -- Sephiroth Clone #2.
By: Josh Gurfinkel
(Xenogears) A short but poignant character piece about Ramsus, and his thoughts before the Elements come to tell him a few important things.
Falling Through a Strangled Darkness
By: Kupo_22
(Final Fantasy 8) What happens when you're left with something you never wanted? What happens when you suddenly find that you've become the enemy of the world -- and more precisely, the enemy of the person you think you might be falling in love with?
Less Than Three
By: Amber Michelle
(Valkyrie Profile) The latest offering from my illustrious predecessor in fanfic-land, this story is about Hrist taking a few moments to speak to someone close to her heart just before the confrontation at Brahms Castle in Chapter 8. Spoilers for the A ending.
My Turks
By: Amethyst Gold
(Final Fantasy 7) A poem about Tseng's thoughts in the Temple of the Ancients, as he thinks about the people who are not only his employees but his friends.