Fan Fiction - 7th September, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's 4-person house: 7 people. Still.
In TSG's PS2: Onimusha 2, as a warm up to the RPG incursion. This game has the best water effects on the PS2. Period.

TSG sez: I know, I know, I know. --;

Heh. Well, as those of you who know me know, shortly after last update my girlfriend Sarah went home to Michigan. This, as you might expect, tends to knock me for a loop. Add to that the fact I fell into deep depression and /still/ have 7 people in my house, things went weird and I went a bit nutso.

But I'm back, ready for university next year, and feeling good. And ready to play through the mounds and mounds and MOUNDS of new RPGs coming out in the next few weeks. My wallet will be happy, but I will have until October the 7th - my term start - to play as many of these lovely games. For fanfic-reading purposes, of course.

As far as other things go, I'd just like to remind you all to be sure to give authors C&C! I've heard a couple of authors this week grumble that they don't get enough C&C, so in the interests of getting them a little more I'd like to remind everyone to not only read the Writing Tip of the Week, but also to sign up to the RPGFFML, that handy lil' link on the sidebar, where you can post fics-in-progress , recieve C&C, or give C&C.

That's about it, really. 7am does that to me. Until next update!

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Give authors C&C. Seriously, many authors out there have no idea how good people think their fics are, or what areas they could improve upon, so if you like a fic, or if you think a fic could be improved with a change or two, give them a mail - people love compliments, and people love constructive criticism. Even just a 'Hey, that ruled' can make someone's day.

Alan "Issen!" *ker-slice* Knight

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New Fan Fiction - September 7th, 2002
Despite it's lateness, I've really been looking forward to this update. Have a looky why:-
The Thief And The King
By: Jamie Crothall
(Final Fantasy 6) We open with what I personally think is a tremendously written pre-game vignette, a meeting between two of the game's characters. Short, but very enjoyable.
So I Pulled and
To Appease The Gods
By: Ersatz Sobriquet
(Final Fantasy 8) Next up, a pair of fics from the inimitable Ersatz Sobriquet, focusing on Final Fantasy 8. Both stonkers, So I Pulled is a chilling tale, while To Appease The Gods relates the redemption of a certain character. Note: So I Pulled may not suitable for younger readers due to some graphical violence.
By: Mikhail
(Arcanum) Next, you all know I love it when I get to add a game to the fic archive. I love it even more when the game's rather an obscure one that I nonetheless loved. Mikhail brings us an Arcanum fic of what might have happened during one of the train rides through the land of Arcanum.
Step In The Void
By: Fiery A.
(Final Fantasy 10) A fantastic after-game fic, Firey A. takes us through the thoughts of Yuna slightly after the game's end, in a nicely angsty kind of manner. Excellently done, and well worth a look. Except, of course, for those of you who don't like spoilers.
Remembrances and Realizations
By: tomoyo-sama
(Grandia 2) And finally, a fic on one of my favourite games! tomoyo-sama does a very good job of reconciling the love triangle at the end of the game, and as a first-time fanficcer she shows great promise. Top notch.