Fan Fiction - September 4th, 2003
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A touch late due to the sobig.f virus (VIRUS SCAN PLEASE!) and the fact we had so many fanfics before makes this update a few days late, but just as good! I do apologize for the lateness these last couple of updates, but thankfully I'm finally in the swing of things.

The vast majority of you guys are probably going back to school this week, to which I salute and equally feel bad for you. School time seems to start earlier and earlier with each passing year. TV stations begin to show cheesy jingles for back to school sales, and the weather gets unbearably hot because someone just seems to KNOW you're going to be in a classroom all week with no air conditioning.

But we must persevere! We must write silly doodles in class, attempt to look like we're awake at 8 a.m. in the morning. Oh, and write long as it doesn't interfere with schoolwork! Bwahaha.

Enough. 'Tis time for the fics.

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New Fan Fiction - September 4th, 2003
Now class, I want you to read these five fics, and then write a beautifully written haiku about all of them. Creativity counts!
Sweet Memory
By: Aquila Hawk
(Final Fantasy 7) In this post-game fic, Sephiroth has fallen and the world is saved. Cloud and company must piece together their radically changed lives, and walk their separate paths.
The Witch, Edea
By: Ben B.
(Final Fantasy 8) This fic is told from several perspectives on the night of Edea's parade. Written in a very unique style and standout point-of-views, this definitely is a fic to read.
The Password
By: Luna Manar
(Final Fantasy 8) Luna Manar returns with another excellent fic. This fic takes place post game, and focuses on Squall and Riona's relationship after an amusing encounter with Zell.
Shades of Blue and Green: A Tale of Two Hearts
By: Millie
(Suikoden II) Millie brings us a enchanting little fic about Luc and Millie their little rendezvous with each other during a spring rainstorm. Don't worry folks, this is definitely up there on the sweet n' cute scale. .
The Voice of Flame
By: Mess
(Suikoden III) Mess returns with an awesome story of wartime struggles and hardships, focusing on the Karayan warrior, Alia, and her shaman grandmother in the past. This story does have some language, however, so take note.