Fan Fiction - August 25th, 2004

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You guys are amazing. In the past 3 or so weeks since I issued the fanfic challenge, I have received nearly 50 submissions. My team of reviewers is still going through the fics, and we probably won't be able to start putting them up at the end of the month as I'd originally hoped. Instead I now offer you 6 non-challenge fanfics to keep you busy until we do manage to finish reading all the submissions and deciding which ones will make it into the RPGamer fanfic archives.

Note that the checklist status on the right does not include challenge fics.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy these fics, and bear with my lack of updating for the moment. Hopefully we'll be able to deliver on the first batch of challenge fics by the end of next week. Meanwhile, post in the forum and tell me how many fics you want to see per update for the challenge. 5? 10? 15? All in one sitting? Remember that each fic, while only 300 words long at the very most, still requires man-hours to HTMLise and upload and stuff like that.

See you soon.

Joel Pan

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New Fan Fiction - August 25th, 2004

And whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him. (Col 3:17)

By: Lunaludus Scribex
(Final Fantasy 7) A look at Aeris during the time leading up to her *SPOILER* at the end of Disc 1 of the game. You know what I'm talking about. This fic isn't as clichéd as it sounds, by the way. Read it.
The Color of Shadow
By: David Boudreau
(Suikoden 2) As the war between Highland and the City-States rages on, a terrible loss forces a young hero to re-examine his motivations, with a little help from someone who knows what he's going through.
Damsel in Redress
By: Ngan Nguyen
(Legend of Zelda) A story about the fairy tale world of Zelda and it's perhaps-not-so-fairy-tale-like characters through the eyes of Princess Zelda.
By: Rocco Cremonese
(Tales of Phantasia) Fifty-five years after the 'past' events in the game, the half-elf witch Arche Klaine has lost her zest for life. Is she missing the dear friends she left behind decades into the future, or is there something else at work? Can she possibly become the person she used to be, the person she's meant to be?
See My World Below
By: Wallwalker
(Star Ocean 2) What comes of peace - prosperity or stagnation? In Central City, an ordinary man tries to figure that out.
By: Minmei
(Suikoden 2) In the midst of the war, Apple has to face up to some facts about herself and her situation concerning a certain long haired tactician.