Fan Fiction - 21st August, 2002
Updater on Duty: TSG
In TSG's 4-person house: 7 people. We'll be back to normal this week!
In TSG's thoughts: .oO( Happy birthday to me... )

TSG sez: Things are rather hectic, including the organization required to ensure I can actually go to university next year. In addition, my birthday is tomorrow and as such the plans for my girlfriend and I to celebrate it went a bit awry, requiring me to do a bit of last minute jiggery-pokery to sort things out.

Now, I said that there were going to be pictures of myself and my girlfriend up, but, uh... you wouldn't believe how bad I look. I mean, this isn't just your normal red-eye. This is 'severe red-eye, coupled with only being awake an hour, coupled with not shaved yet, coupled with wet scraggly hair' type of stuff. It's really bad.

In other news, I'm pretty much back on DC PSO despite my little rant of a few months ago. Unfortunately, I'm not too well up on which groups are good to play with and people to play with. If you're interested in a game, give me a mail. As far as levels go, I'm on v2 at Level 110 or so.

Notes from Fanfic Land

There's a couple of mail-changes to go up during the week.

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Give authors C&C. Seriously, many authors out there have no idea how good people think their fics are, or what areas they could improve upon, so if you like a fic, or if you think a fic could be improved with a change or two, give them a mail - people love compliments, and people love constructive criticism. Even just a 'Hey, that ruled' can make someone's day.

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New Fan Fiction - August 21th, 2002
Fanfic Update - Birthday Edition! Just like normal but with 5 different editor commentaries and a picture or two.
Heart Of The Veldt
By: Mintbaby
(Final Fantasy 6) Mintbaby just keeps on going, still as good as ever. This week, a Final Fantasy 6 fic following Gau some distance into the future after the game's ending. As you might expect from Mintbaby, it's impeccably sweet and a fantastic read.
By: Shayera
(Suikoden) Pre-game Ted in this nice little back-story from Shayera, detailing how he left his previous place of refuge and how he came to meet and stay with Suikoden Main Character.
Star Crossed Lovers
By: Oliver Chooi
(Sakura Wars 2) Oliver returns with another Sakura Wars fic, this time for Sakura Wars 2. As ever, I certainly can't fault him for originality, and a very nice read. Do check it out.
By: Alicia Godin
(Final Fantasy 10) A splendid retelling of the events of the game and one particular character's thoughts on the events of the game. Enthralling - top marks for not making a retelling that reads like a bulleted list.
Broken Oaths
By: Lassarina Aoibhell
(Final Fantasy 6) Another revue for you all to finish off this update, detailing Celes' thoughts and actions before being encountered by a certain thief treasure hunter.