Cactuars on an Airship August 20, 2006

We received a ton of contest pieces this go around! All ten are featured in this update and the results of the judging will be in next week's.

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By: Al Kristopher
Chrono Cross
Except for the rain, and the explosions of thunder, it really was quite a calm evening in Fossil Valley. Sergeant Bill Davis had patrol over the lower area, and on each entrance to the Valley he could see his comrades, Sergeant Frank Welsh and Sergeant Thomas Gefford. There was also Corporal Matra Molon guarding the entrance to the upper lair of the valley, where the skeletal remains of a dragon still rested, so it was unlikely that anyone would be passing by that area so casually...

The Lunar Jewel
By: Al Kristopher
Wild Arms 3
Legends told that whoever held the Lunar Jewel over their heart had their wish come true—so naturally, Maya Schrodinger was after it. Along the way, she would meet an old… friend.

The Silver Regrets
By: bic_razor
Radiata Stories
Silver hair fell evenly on the shoulders of the man overlooking the battlefield. It had been less of a battle and more of a slaughter, bodies covered by rubble and once epic buildings torn to shreds like mere playthings. Hours before, just moments in the lifetime of an immortal, the same silver hair had whipped in the vile tempest as siege was laid on the human empire. They could not have been prepared. Their finest warriors had stood bravely in the face of the onslaught for no more reason than to fall.

Gallery of Rogues
By: Gaijin Monogatari
Final Fantasy VI
The tower was magnificent, almost beyond his wildest dreams, but only almost, since that was where it had sprung from in the first place. Immense, untouchable, rising from the bleakness of the continent below. How the little people in their cities quivered to see it forever on the horizon, his tower of ruin, made from ruin, built of ruin, atop the ruin that was Vector, the ruination of Vector, made of the ruin that was Vector. Oh, he appreciated the irony— the times when he remembered just what irony was. The rest of the time, he just admired the iron bars jutting out at all angles. Sometimes lightning hit them, and made pretty sparklies. Oh, he loved the sparklies...

The Darkness
By: Gazarus
Shining Force II
I awaken. I open my eyes, and there is nothing but darkness....there is a moment of panic but it passes as I remember. I'm blind. I can hear the voices of my new friends. Peter and Bowie speaking of things to come, the sounds of Bowie sharpening his sword and Peter preening himself. Rhode in the background, tinkering with the caravan and muttering to himself. We have been travelling companions for only a few weeks, but these are my closest friends in the world. Well, they are my only friends, I remember only the last few weeks of my life. I slowly rise and try to shake off the nightmares of last night. They come every night, unclear dreams, just flashes of indistinct pain and darkness, darkness not like night but darkness indescribable. I do not tell my friends of these, I am burden enough to them without my childish fears.

By: Lithium Flower
Shining Force
Mishaela smiled weakly at them, her brave puppets that had fought so hard against the Shining Force. “First let me tell you a story,” she said to them. The puppets settled down and listened intently, black eyes shining towards her.

Sympathy for the Devil
By: Lithium Flower
Final Fantasy VI
Kefka pressed his forehead against the cool glass of the containment unit and glared at the girl inside. She floated inside the tube within a watery gel, all sorts of needles and wires and other nameless devices attached to and inside of her pale skin. The Emperor Gestahl and the Empire’s head scientist, Cid, stood several feet away, discussing their latest triumph.

By: melusine
Secret of Mana
Elinee knew his ambition, though she married him for everything else. She ignored the rites and the demonesses and the nights that she could hear him scream and there was nothing she could do but hold him down and pray for morning to come quickly. She remembered the sweep of his jaw and the way that his eyes were brown verging on gold. She remembered the way that he held her and the way that his lips felt against her skin. She knew his ambition; he desired to be more than an archmage, though he could no more be a sorcerer than she could. Sometimes, when he could sleep, she would walk to their sorceress daughter's room and wonder just what he gave for her.

A Sage's Final Journey
By: Scott J. Karr
Lunar: Silver Star Story
It was here, at the guild's library that he had first realized the only way to save the world. In all the texts he read, it was evident he couldn't 'undo' the travesty that had occurred, that was impossible. Only the Goddess could change such a thing and as it was her decision to destroy the world in the first place, it was evident he could not rely on her to fix this mess. No, the sage realized, it would fall upon himself to find a way.

Priest's Redemption
By: Truewind
Seiken Densetsu III
He stared at the image in the crystal with eyes that were not his own. The tiny girl with her blond curls stirred something in his chained soul.

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