Fan Fiction - August 13th, 2003
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In the immortal words of Homer J. Simpson, "So this update is a little late, and a little dusty! It's still good! It's still good!"

Sorry for the lateness of the update, guys. It wasn't exactly my intention, but a lot of real life stuff, both circumstantial and emotional has plagued me this past month. Thankfully, things seem to be on the mend now, and I hope I've made up for my lateness with a really juicy-sized update for you guys. More on that later though, 'cuz there's a few things I'd like to bring up with everyone here first!

1) I need to address the fondness of people using Microsoft Word to make HTML documents. While it's handy, what many people do not know is that it doesn't create 'clean' HTML, but a mass of gooblygook that's impossible to decipher and unreadable by a few browsers. This also means that I litterally have to do the entire HTML over again. So my stance is this...You CAN send me HTML documents written up in Word, but bear in mind that it will more than likely take me longer to put your fiction up on the site. How much longer? Depends on the size of the story. Let's just say that for every fic I have to fix in MS Word, I could update two 'clean' fics in the same amount of time. So what's the best way to send in your fanfiction? Easy. Either send your fics in plain text format, or if you absolutely have to have your italics and underlining, send us HTML done up in wordpad or editpad. Heck, just send it in any editor besides Microsoft Word. I'll love you forever!

2) TSG is still on the Fan Fiction staff as a reviewer. He accidentally got snipped out the last update! He's still here!

This update is a big one due to the fact I was rather tardy. We've got eight...count 'em...EIGHT fics for your reading pleasure. We've still got several left for the next update as well...but keep sending in your fics regardless. We'd rather have a surplus than a deficit! [INSERT POLITICAL JOKE ABOUT CALIFORNIA HERE!]

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New Fan Fiction - August 13th, 2003
We've got eight fics guys, and three of them are novel length. There's a lot of reading to be had here! Try not to go cross-eyed! I've written up smaller descriptions than usual, because I know you'll want to get to the fics!
Final Fantasy: Oblivion
By: Xyris
(Final Fantasy 6) In the span of a week, the lives of the Returners take a drastic turn. In these events, friends are drawn closer to each other as they find ways to cope with a crisis of...quite an unique origin.
Few Words
By: Mintbaby
(Final Fantasy 8) Mintbaby returns with a wonderfully written fic that focuses on everybody's favorite silver-haired mystery lady, Fujin.
By: Al Kristopher
(Final Fantasy 9) Al Kristopher returns with an epic tale revolving around Freya and Betrix. Sometimes the most epic of journeys is the journey of life itself.
Candle on the Water
By: Deathalletta
(Final Fantasy 10) Deathalletta brings us a yummy pre-game fanfic about a friendship Seymour had when he was a youth, and how this friendship shapes him into the man he will indelibly become.
By: Tiger Dauthi
(Golden Sun) Our first Golden Sun Fan Fiction! And a creepy one to boot! Everyone believes that Garet is a jolly, lovable boy. However, first apperences can be deceiving...
Memory, Sorrow, and Thorn
By: Aaron Nowack
(Suikoden) A Suikoden fic that explores the main hero's struggles with the Souleater Rune. Even though the war is over, the conflict itself is far from over.
The Pissant
By: Saka
(Wild Arms 3) Another first! Saka returns with a side-splittingly funny account of Jet and how an encounter with a young flower girl changes his perspective on life. Kinda.
Watching Over Him
By: Elizabeth Whittaker
( )
(Lufia: The Legend Returns) Whoa! Another first! This sweet fic focuses on Seena's thoughts and feelings towards that bumbly, loveable hero, Wain, during the early parts of the game.