Fan Fiction - 4th August, 2002
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In TSG's thoughts: .oO( Oh no, my birthday's this month... )
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TSG sez: Well, this last week or two has been hectic, as you might be able to guess from the top bar. There are double the number of people sleeping in this house than it's designed for, I nearly thought I'd failed my year but I passed it instead, and indeed, my birthday is galloping over the horizon and towards me at an alarmingly fast rate.

Luckily I have my crutch from angst helping me along this month, as my long-suffering girlfriend is over from Michigan, here to bask in the uniquely English - if not rather pungent - air of the region. Coventry is not what you might call a tourist region, I have to admit.

In the end, however, it's all good, even if the update is (as ever) a tad late. Hence, 6 fics wait for you down at the bottom, including a sequel to Bookworms and... Booya! by Mintbaby, which you can imagine I got rather excited about.

Lurker sez: Really, I'm not long-suffering. I suffer a very short while, then I make Alan suffer, then I'm happy again! TSG sez: Plus, from time to time she blinds me with camera flashes. For the inquisitive, links to photos will be up next update.

Notes from Fanfic Land

To coincide with After the Fact, Bookworms and Booya has been re-uploaded in chapter format and with a couple of major revisions.

Writing Tip of the Week

TSG sez: Style sheets in Word can mess up fics horrendously, often tripling their size with useless HTML tags. Take a brief look at your html after saving it: if it's got tags all over the place, try mucking about with the settings of your Microsoft Word client. It'll make your local fanfic editor happy.

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New Fan Fiction - August 4th, 2002
500K of fanfic goodness for you all today, and 6 fics to make up for the slight lateness of the update. Maybe one of these days I'll get one of these in on time...
After the Fact
By: Mintbaby
(Final Fantasy 8) So, remember a while back? That fic I raved about, "Bookworms and... Booya!"? The fic I praised and adored? Well... this is it's sequel. That's about all you need to know. Read it, now. (NB: Readers of Bookworms and Booya! may experience some deja vu. The final chapter of BaB has been moved to the start of After the Fact. Enjoy.)
Frienship and
Farewell, But Not Goodbye
By: Jonatan L
(Suikoden 2) Jonatan continues the Luc fics with these two, taking place before and after the final battle of Suikoden 2 respectively. Designed to be read in order, we strongly suggest you start with Friendship and work from there. If you need to check out the previous fics, they're in the Archives.
The Ritual Of Purification
By: Irwin Kwan
(Valkyrie Profile) Irwin comes to us with a highly original story about a possible Einherjar that didn't make it into the game. If you like VP at all, check this out.
By: Kage
(Final Fantasy 10) An enthralling fic about a young lad in the world of Spira, and trying to come to terms with his mother's unsent death. Surprisingly evocative, and well worth a read.
Light The Way Home
By: Eric Bakutis
(Final Fantasy Tactics) While not quite a crossover, Eric brings us an often humorous tale of Cloud's return to the world of Final Fantasy 7 after the end of the game. Includes what might possibly be the best guest star /ever/.