Fan Fiction - July 18th, 2004

Updater on Duty: ketsugi
Summerfest in Vana'diel! Lots of absurd fireworks and stuff... but why celebrate summer, when I live in a land where summer lasts 12 months a year? =(

A good 5 fics for you today, almost all of which are from various Final Fantasy games. These fics also include our first FFX-2 and Fire Emblem fanfics... huzzah!

I have received some feedback from certain parties regarding the last fanfic update. Apparently the some people think that it was a deliberate attempt to force people to read a fic written by one of our own staffers.

To this I have only two things to say. The first is that no such thing was intended. Regardless of the author of the fic (whom, by the way, I have never met or talked to and can claim no kind of personal relationship with... Sorry, John, but you know it's true), I felt that the fic was long enough to warrant an update for it by itself.

The second is that I am deeply apologetic if you felt that I was insensitive in posting that update. I cannot begin to express how sorry I am for doing something like that without thinking it through properly first, and can only hope that you will forgive this mistake and allow me to learn from it.

Finally, related to this but not specific to it, I would like to ask that if you do have anything to say about the fics or about my updates, or about anything related to fanfics, please post in the message board! It's there for a reason, and I do find myself occasionally discouraged that no one's willing to post anything on the forums (although they are apparently willing to email me with sarcastic emails).

Have a nice day, and remember! 2+2=5 for extremely large values of 2!

Joel Pan

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New Fan Fiction - July 18th, 2004
Therefore do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own. (Mt 6:34)
By: Jamie Crothall
(Final Fantasy VI) This is a short fic involving Celes, which takes place as the party rests in Kohlingen before heading off to Zozo.

By: Minmei

(Final Fantasy VII) One of the main characters reminisces about Aeris and her death.
Don't Go
By: Kitt
(Final Fantasy X) A certain Ronso fulfills a dying man's request to bring a certain young girl to a certain island village.
By: Rhiannon
(Final Fantasy X-2) A disjointed view of Shuyin and Lenne's relationship, through Shuyin's eyes. Takes place before and during the timeline of the game.
By: Al Kristopher
(Fire Emblem 7) A short, somewhat sketchy story about Renault, the mysterious bishop of Dread Isle... (Rated PG by the author)